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    Author Topic: OracleScape UPDATES ALL DAY EVERYDAY  (Read 198 times)

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    « on: July 22, 2017, 04:21:01 AM »
    Welcome to

    I am the owner of the server and I give permission to delete all other player posts of OracleScape on Moparscape other than this one.

    7/21/2017 UPDATES
    Code: [Select]

    -Updated armour shop prices

    -Nerfed the "Normal" gamemodes starter kit

    -Updated Voting Rewards

    -All monsters in Catacombs now have a 20% chance of dropping a Dark Totem Piece

    -You now have a small chance to receive an Arclight by defeating Skitizo on top of your drop

    -All regular void sets are buffed

    -Fixed Boss Tasks. Now you can have just 250k in your inventory instead of 500k to get your task.

    -Lunar teleports now work. (They do not open the Teleport System they take you too the actual location)
    Use World map my minimap to open the main Teleport System.

    -Soul Runecrafting has been updated with a new position and new system.

    -Twisted bow attack speed nerfed.

    -Dragon flail is now one handed

    -Dragon flail no longer appears as "Null" when you get it as a drop

    7/20/2017 UPDATES
    Code: [Select]
    -Demonic Gorrillas got a 25% buff with lower drop rates with a longer respawn time.

    -More Demonic Gorrillas added too area but but more spread out.

    [b]-Item drop rate changes-[/b]

             [b] Before -> After[/b]
    Dark bow (1/50 -> 1/70) *Nerfed*
    Draconic Visage (1/25 -> 1/20) *Buffed*
    Armadyl Armour pieces(1/20 -> 1/50) *Nerfed*
    Pets (1/20 -> 1/40) *Nerfed*
    Zenyte items(1/20 -> 1/40) *Nerfed*
    Dragon boots(1/30 ->1/20) *Buffed*
    Twisted bow (1/80 -> 1/200) *Nerfed*

    [b]-End of item drop rates-[/b]

    -Donation system added

    -Voting/Claiming both work now

    -Purple sweets can be obtained from Crystal Chest and are now stackable

    -Kraken now drops items at your position and no longer in the pool.

    -Small ring of wealth nerf

    -Pet Insurance is now available by talking too Protiba at home next to Dr.Jekyl

    -Voting store prices have been lowered.

    -Removed Dragon Claws from voting store
    7/19/2017 UPDATES
    Code: [Select]
    -Nerfed event chest and crystal chest. (Gave to many over powered items. Those items were given the bosses spread across the server)

    -Nerfed and buffed {dclaws, gmaul,twisted bow,ballista} Twisted Bow special attack was also removed

    -Shortened duraction of pest control timer from *2 minutes* to *45 seconds* for faster games

    -Adding dragonstones to shop (Un-noted)

    -Added Ranger boots to crystal and boss event chests

    -Nerfed thieving stall prices to slow down economy

    -Fixed some price shops

    -Firemaking rates nerfed

    -Removed gate at Taverly Dungeon it was too glitchy

    -Added tbow to skitzio (Player suggestion)

    -nerfed hunter xp rates and dragon impling rewards

    -Ring Of Wealth is easier to obtain in the Crystal Chest now

    -Woodcutting rates nerfed
    -Switched shop tab to where you teleport to that shop

    -Dark Totems are now tradable.

    -You can now teleport to Catacombs through the "Training/Monsters" section of spell book

    -Kraken is working now

    -Finished Catacombs

    -You can now "Clear" your title from "The Titler"

    -Players now automatically join the "Help" clan chat



    -Perfect switches
    -PvM PvP
    -Lots of features...
    -Lots of content...
    -Pk Hiscores list...
    -Daily Updates-

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