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OS Insanity - Perfect OSRS PvP//PvM//Eco//Skilling

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OS Insanity is the newest and one of best OSRS RSPS servers you will ever experience! With a lead developer who is dedicated and experienced in java, OS Insanity strives to bring flawless OSRS content such as Zulrah with all correct stages, fully customizable re-sizable fullscreen and over 15+ client settings to customize your RSPS experience! Not only that, OS Insanity has fully functional old school high-scores and automated vote and donate to make sure you have the best and most professional RSPS experience ever! OS Insanity's dedicated staff team is ready to take on any challenge in making OS Insanity into the great server it deserves to be while maintaining a thriving and welcoming community. By using player feedback and meeting player expectations OS Insanity will be improved day by day with near daily updates. Lastly, I personally as the lead of OS Insanity invite you to try it out, we have unique content and a community that is bound to be great!

Features[*]Over 15+ bosses to fight on including Demonic Gorillas, Zulrah, Cerberus and Lizardman Shamans
[*]Amazing skilling including agility rooftop courses.
[*]15+ Settings to customize your OSRS gameplay!
[*]A handful of skills and four game modes you'll be able to grind and compete for on the hiscores!
[*]Farming with allotment, herbs and even flowers!Media
[*]Every slayer boss with their corresponding slayer tasks
[*]Great Economy
[*]Price Checker so you can always stay up to date!
[*]Barrows Mini-game
[*]Customizable fullscreen including transparency and resizable tab realignment!
[*]Over 25+ titles to choose from and over 5+ colors!
[*]Iron Man Mode
[*]Ultimate Iron Man Mode
[*]Perfect bank tabs
[*]Bank tab customization
[*]Bank searching so you can always find that item!
[*]IPB forums with many hooks!
[*]Ancient Gorilla boss!
[*]Collect tooth of keys and gold keys to use at chests and try your luck!
[*]Automatic donation, vote and instance highscores! (once you logout)
[*]Quick prayers fully functioning.
[*]Tweening + fog + gliding (optional)
[*]Barbarian assault minigame
[*]Fully functional shop exchange (like the trading post!)
[*]Prestige all skills and collect prestige points to spend on rewards!
[*]Compare and like/dislike players to see who is the most respected on the player leaderboards in-game!
[*]Never ask for a drop again with our in-game drop table finder! Search a npc or item and you found it!
[*]Automatic trivia to earn quick and fun points to use for rewards!
[*]Duel Arena with boxing
[*]Flawless pest control
[*]Abyssal Nexus Mini-game
[*]Pets and boss pets aswell!
[*]Over 75+ achievements so you'll never get bored!
[*]Mage Arena mini-game
[*]Max cape customization + max cape emote
[*]Achievement cape emote added
[*]Flawless switching
[*]Active and friendly community!
[*]Fountain of rune!
[*]Duo slayer tasks
[*]Boss slayer tasks + perf slayer helm and (i)
[*]Title manager and changer
[*]Customize your whip with 6+ dyes to chose from!
[*]And alot alot more!


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Homepage: Click here[/URL]
Play Now: Click here
Highscores: Click here[/URL]
Vote: Click here[/URL]


Should probably fix your Play Now button.


--- Quote from: bansil on November 02, 2016, 08:03:02 PM ---Should probably fix your Play Now button.

--- End quote ---

Thank you fixed now :D

bump fast growing community!

Looks pretty good mate.


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