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Thread title: [OSRS] Elysium - The Resurrection

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To those reading this, firstly, welcome to the Elysium advertisement! Before I start, I'd just like to mention what this thread is mainly about; I guess you could call it an introduction to our community. I'll structure this thread with the overall theme of what Elysium is, our background story and what you're going to expect whilst being here.

Elysium RSPS

Elysium Reloaded is a 317 OSRS based server. This idea has been around with me, and a few others since a year or two ago, which never fully worked out. Now it has. I'm proud of what I have advanced in the programming language of Java, and would like to share the fun and some-what uniqueness of this server that isn't funded by somebody with money, just purely done for fun. This has been in development for some time now, along with a closed beta. Now, I feel it is time to release it to the public once again!

Background Story

Elysium was released once before earlier this year, and everything was perfect and we managed to pull in a stable player base and things were working out great. However, certain things happened where it became apparent that I would be unable to properly manage the server so I decided to put the files to one side and come back to it once I was fully aware it could be opened again, and this time is now, so I hand to you Elysium once again, this time for good. In our previous run of Elysium, I had a select few of dedicated players that managed to beta test the server out for me and there were constant updates & fixes being put into place to ensure the gaming environment was perfect. An immensely detailed change log was created that myself and my beta testers were constantly updating to ensure we knew what needed to be fixed, what was being fixed and ofcourse what had been successfully fixed. This change log can still be viewed now as it is still being updated regularly with our constant updates!


Whilst playing here at Elysium, my main purpose is to supply a friendly community with a unique server that is friendly, enjoyable and addictive. I'm solely creating this for entertainment purposes only, and donations are not expected, however, those who are considerate enough to donate should be aware that all payments are put towards improving our facilities and services only and no donation is taken for my own personal use. Elysium offers a friendly, active and helpful playing experience to all of our players and this is something that we ensure to our players so we match their expectations. At Elysium, we do not allow any rule breakers, intensive flaming/trolling and anything that is purposely being done to upset/annoy another player. We take our players' suggestions and complaints seriously here at Elysium so that we can try our best to match what every player would like to see. Below this you will be able to view a small select of Elysium's features that we offer in-game, however I strongly suggest you log in game to see the full selection for yourself!

The server has gone under tons of updates since release. I advise you check the forums for a list of updates, or the devlog for a complete list straight from me!

[*]OSRS Gameframe
[*]OSRS Items & Bosses
[*]Unique weapon and gear set modifiers
[*]Auto Donation & Vote System
[*]Proper NPC Drops - all redone by hand
[*]Ring of Wealth
[*]Most exploits fixed
[*]Most dupes fixed
[*]Active owner
[*]Will have a nice, friendly community
[*]Items, such as Slayer Staff, have a damage boost
[*]PvP gear
[*]Proper barrows effects
[*]Proper Dwarven Rock Cake
[*]Better Combat
[*]Mostly clipped (Npcs, players, projectiles)
[*]Skills are all trainable
[*]Fun & Addictive
[*]Bugs, suggestions, and tips taken seriously
[*]Constant updates
[*]Proper protection prayers (No constant 0's)
[*]Pest Control
[*]Item creation
[*]Will NOT be pay to win at ALL
[*]NPC Drops all re-configured
[*]Decent Combat/PvP/PvM
[*]Boss pets
[*]New content every week
[*]Double XP Weekends
[*]Double XP/Double Drops/Double PKP Vote rewards
[*]Duel Arena
[*]Blowpipe + Special
[*]Teleporting has been redone by hand
[*]Runecrafting + Multipliers
[*]Title System
[*]Crystal Key Chest
[*]Tons more, just check the updates / devlog on the site!

Now, some media.

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This pretty much covers and sums up the basics of what Elysium is all about, and if there's anything you are unsure about or if there's any questions you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to contact either one of the administration team, myself, or on the forums.

I thank you for taking the time to read this.

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