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    Author Topic: [OSRS] - Proselyte - Deadman seasonal - Win $200+ for Playing! - JUST RELEASED!  (Read 721 times)

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    Deadman mode beta seasonal at ProselytePS is out now! Play the season and grind the game to win Real Money!
    Download the client down below to start your adventure and win the first DMM Season!

    Download Client![/URL]

    Deadman mode $200 BETA Seasonal
    - OSRS content, areas, bosses, minigames and more, 40x xp rate and an active community.

    The Proselyte deadman mode beta will last 2 weeks
    At the end of the BETA the two players with highest kills & the highest total levels will win 100$ each!
    The First Deadman season here at ProselytePS will last Two weeks, The first season will also act as a BETA test of the game, the cash reward will still apply to the players of the Beta season. if you come across bugs playing, please report them with the ::help command ingame, they will be fixed promptly.

    We will update this thread in the future with listed content of the game, if you do not know what Deadman mode is, Refer to here:



    More media coming soon.

    Join the unique osrs deadman/pvp adventure today, you are never to late to be welcomed to proselyte!
    checkout - Update log #13[/URL]
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