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    Author Topic: Legends of Valor  (Read 498 times)

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    Legends of Valor
    « on: July 13, 2017, 12:54:51 AM »
    G'day there moparscape this isn't really an advertisement but more of a beta request.
    i'm about to release my rsps and i need some last minute beta testers to test it out and see if everything works fine.
    you will be able to keep your account when we release and yous will be rewarded!!
    if you do come and try us out thanks a lot! we appreciate the help :)

    website: www.legendsofvalor.org
    « Last Edit: July 13, 2017, 12:58:24 AM by mitchell9989 »
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    Offlinekilla kronic

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    Re: Legends of Valor
    « Reply #1 on: July 17, 2017, 09:56:44 AM »
    First off even if it's in BETA you should show off some pictures to attract more players.

    Anyways my experience it's alright so far but these things need to be fixed

    When updating the client and it tells you to restart the client it should automatically do it for you. People can easily walk away from that if they feel that's to much
    When typing user name it already had the word 'legend' already there. Remove it
    When going to your bank at the top you see something like "the bank of Valor" change it to "The Bank Of Playername"
    When you first login and you click on the two swords at the left hand side at the end. You will see a "?" it changes once you equip an item. Fix that
    The achievements are really boring "eat 100 of any food" why do you feel that needs to be in the game? Make the easy achievements fun but not super boring or easy
    For the achievement instead of "changing your appearance" replace it with getting started
    For the options tab everything seems good but I would remove the two button click because that seems super pointless. I would suggest replacing it with a screenshot button.
    I think the Valor Guard who offers extra security should be placed in the corner and not moving around
    When moving around with the camera it feels very sensitive and it feels like I have to constantly play around with it
    When viewing the trading store and clicked on the item you had a spelling mistake. It should be currently not currentky.
    I would also suggest raising the prices for items in the slayer shop because they feel like they are cheap and useless
    The bank depsoite box does not work
    talking to hammerspike stourbeard doesn't do anything
    When going to the bank and right clicking you should remove the option of collect
    Interacting with Fancy Dan doesn't work nor does joining his crew
    Achievement store feels junky and useless
    Talking to Molly doesn't work
    Banknote exchange service doesn't work
    The client doesn't need to show the object id and it's cords remove that
    Poll booth doesn't work
    When praying at the altar that changes your spellbook a message should appear down below saying like "You feel a dark power enter you"
    Also when changing your spellbook the alters name is called alter you should rename the alter
    When you click on the equipment screen you should see your charcter or if you don't want to show the character that's fine but remove the box that should show your character to make it look neat.
    The altar of Guthix should be placed in a different location because when viewing at a certain way you will see that it looks like the grass is covering it up.
    When praying at the altar of Guthix you should have a message down below like "You feel a different type of power enter you" or something like that
    You have two achievement stores remove one of them
    I would make the elemental shield more at use rather than being useless in the general store
    The Junk store does not work
    Viewing the range store works but then going to the Armour store doesn't work
    The range store should have two separate stores where bows go on one side
    Items that are below 10k should show their prices a bit different. Instead of having something like 1350 make it 1.3k
    Magic gear store doesn't work
    In the bounty store everything feels fine except for the rune gear. Remove it
    The weapons store doesn't work
    You have another melee store remove it
    You have another range store remove it
    You have another mage store remove it
    I feel like EDGE as a home should be changed because everything is cramped into one little space
    It feels like there is a two second delay in the client
    Teleporting to a new location or the same location feels buggy because it will play the same animation again or you will have your character stay in the same spot for like two seconds
    You should add a render distance in the client (good for bad PCs or laptops) and players can change it to the way they like it because when going to cows there was this annoying grey mist
    On the main chat you will see this announcement but it offers nothing important
    I feel like there shouldn't be a donor teleport but instead give them a portal or a command
    I feel like the ::teleport is useless because if players can do that once the point of the spellbook having teleport's
    I also feel like ::home is useless
    In the commands box at the top instead of having "Valor command List" you should rename it "Commands List" Everyone knows the server they are playing lol
    When adding a player on the ignore list it should appear that the player you have blocked should come up red on the minimap
    There should be more options when blocking a player like "Block PMs" and "Allow Chat"
    The ignore list should have the "Valor" removed same with the friends list
    Opening the coffins in the graveyard should teleport you to another training area
    In the client you should have "Valor" instead of having another text.
    In the client you should remove the JAVA icon located on the left hand side and replace it with an logo from the server
    When teleporting to Cities there should be NPCs around so players can explore
    Remove the Varrock Wildy because it is usless
    At magebank pulling the lever plays the animation first then has a two second delay and then it teleports you to the location also is same when teleporting out
    Teleporting to green dragons gives you an option of teleporting or stay here. Remove those options and instead give them a warning dialouge
    Also green dragon won't follow you even if you are a level 3 wondering around. He just follows you with this head.
    When Pking having a target feels forced and removes that feeling of wanting to enjoy the game
    Another Make-Over Mage is located in a small hut remove him
    I feel like shops are way to cramped instead you can move them to a new location and then create a command for them to teleport
    I think the quest tab should auto refresh every 3 minutes so remove the option of refresh
    Also on the quest tab at the bottom you will see something like "websiteValor" remove it
    I feel like when finding a bug you shouldn't reward the players
    I think you should put the exp lock into the players menu bar
    When hovering over the teleporting tabs you will see that it requies runes. I know every server has that but you could at least remove them if they are not going to take any runes up.

    I feel like this server has been downloaded from some fourms because at times it feels really good and I even saw there there were somethings that you wouldn't see in a server but then I also saw some really stupid mistakes which I have no clue. I rate it 6/10. Put a lot more work into it then it will become really fun but also it kinda feels boring at the same time so maybe touch up on some things.
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