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    • SerenityPS:[link]
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    • Equiiliibriium: Looking for someone who can help me get a server up and running, willing to pay after the project has begun :)
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    Author Topic: ArcanePS.Com - Be one of the best!  (Read 199 times)

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    ArcanePS.Com - Be one of the best!
    « on: January 27, 2015, 10:19:13 AM »

    - ArcanePS Features -
    Vote system
    Auto donate system
    Awesome Donator, VIP benefits
    All skills working
    Active community
    Frequent updates
    Stable / no lagg
    Flawless combat
    Helpful & active staff
    Good economy & drop rates
    Around 14 bosses
    5 minigames
    All monsters animations fixed
    Full korasi's sword special attack
    Upgradeable items
    IPB forums
    Player killing points
    Activity points
    Player versus monster tokens & store
    Custom whips added
    Perfect quest tab
    Auto spawning avatar in wilderness
    Xp bar with a counter
    Donators information tab
    Running restore timer depends on your agility level
    Crystal key / chest
    Fun pk points store
    Slayer tasks
    Cash bags
    Mystery box with rewards
    Completionist cape
    Player killing skill
    Titles depending on player killing level
    Profitable skills
    Reaction bots
    Perfect switching
    100% Duel arena
    Dice bag
    Unique home
    100% working Divine and Elysian spirit shields effects
    Player killing highscores ingame
    Barrows on mountains
    And much more!

    - ArcanePS pictures -
    Information about you:

    Bosses killing tracker:

    Donator store:

    Player versus monster store:

    Assault minigame points store:


    Vengeance timer:

    Unique home:

    Unique boss (respawns every 15 minutes):

    Chaos dwarves:

    Register now at:
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    Re: ArcanePS.Com - Be one of the best!
    « Reply #1 on: January 27, 2015, 12:11:38 PM »
    Just about the only interesting I saw from the thread is the boss that spawns every 15 minutes. The server looks like there has been a couple of things done to it such as the home, the vengeance timer etc., but I don't think this media shows off what this server could possibly attract. Perhaps try to put together a new thread or add more pictures that would possibly make this server pop out, I'd recommend that.
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