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CreativeScape goes Live!

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    Slayer Tasks have been added as well as some slayer items to go along with it.
    New items such as sled and bug lantern have been added for a limited time.
    Draynor Village area update
    Seed stall to theave from in Draynor
    Firemaking Improvements/ Fixes

Still Hitting a high amount of players Come Join The Fun !!

Very good old school server!

New User Interface/Gameframe
First up brings the upgraded gameframe to the one RuneScape had during late 2007. This design brings a much cleaner and organized feel when playing the game, as well as allowing us to add more features to the client than previously possible. We understand that several people have expressed their preference towards the old interface, and we've decided to look into it and possibly add an in-game button to easily switch back and fourth between the two gameframes. However, do not expect this feature to be available for a while.
The minimap doesn't currently have a background around it due to some problems that we encountered upon adding it in which unfortunately will take a while to fix, so that will be included in an update in the near future.
With the new gameframe, you will find the Censor tab underneath the chatbox. When enabled, any offensive words or phrases that are said in-game will be censored out. Upon logging in the tab will be set to 'off' by default, however those who wish to change it may change it by right clicking and selecting 'on'.
Secondly, we have the Vengeance spell. This feature is widely popular amongst PvP communities across different private servers and we felt it's finally necessary to add it in to CS for you guys to use. Vengeance has no requirement other than a Magic level of 94 and of course the necessary runes. You can now buy Astral runes at the Magic shop next to home bank. Unlike other servers, you will find this spell available in the regular spellbook.
New Prayers
As requested by our community, we've taken steps to adding in new prayers that were available in the late 2007 era. This includes Eagle Eye, Mystic Might, Chivalry and Piety. We hope that adding these prayers brings more excitement and activity to PvP and combat in general.
Clan Chat
The long awaited clan chat is finally here. Initially we decided not to proceed with adding clan chat into the game, but after long consideration we feel it has the potential to benefit us all, thus we have included it in this update. You will find the clan chat tab located where it was originally in RS 2007, the bottom left tab next to the friends list. You are able to create a clan simply by typing in any name into the dialogue box. There are several things a clan owner is able to do through the use of commands. To view a list of all commands for clan chat, simply type ::clancommands in-game.
Website Updates
As some of you may have noticed, there have been several changes to the forums and different parts of the website recently. The main purpose of making these changes is to create more activity on the forums, make it a more enjoyable place to be and to provide a better experience when using the forums. Some of the updates already done include the Members Online Today and the addition of the birthdays section on the side-panel on the index page. There is still more to be done within the coming days/weeks, so if you have anything else you would like to see then don't hesitate to let us know by suggesting it to us in the suggestions forum section.
And More...
A long with all these new exciting features, we have a whole load more fixes and improvements. Many thanks to the people who reported these bugs or suggested anything to be added into the game.
- We now have a brand new login screen background.
- TAB-to-reply for private message has been added, and you can use this feature on people who aren't added to your friends list. However, to start a conversation you'll need to have them added.
- You can now use the 'k', 'm' and 'b' in dialogue boxes to enter a certain value. For example, entering '450k' will be equivalent to typing 450000. You can also use this to specify an exact amount, for example typing '1b72m345k839' will be taken as 1072345839.
- You can now click the compass next to the minimap to switch the camera angle to North.
- You can now use your middle mouse wheel to scroll through the chatbox and other areas where there is a scrollbar.
- Switching items should now be dramatically improved and should run more smoothly.
- Telegrab is now available in the regular spellbook.
- DFS now charges correctly.
- Fixed potion combining bugs.
- Vote reminder will no longer appear if you have already voted on another account on the same IP address.
- FunPk will now no longer count towards pk points if the victim is hit first in fun pk and dies outside of funpk.
- Salve (e) effect has been changed for PvP only. It's formula has been changed to increase hits based on what your regular hit is. However the higher the original hit, the less of an effect it'll have.
- Prayer overhead icons not appearing should now be fixed.
- Crafting hides interface should now display the correct data.
- Attacking distance against dragons is now back to what it should be.
- Accept Aid has been added, and can be changed in the game options tab. This enables you to accept things such as tele other and vengeance other.
- Farming glitch which caused players to freeze when planting seeds has been fixed.
- Astral runes have now been added to the magic store at home.
We've also made drastic improvements to the stability once more, and everything is said to be running a lot smoother. Most of the random disconnections should now be gone, however we're aware there will still be some out there.
Also for the time being, we've had to temporarily disable the Zombie Apocalypse minigame as it's been found to contain several problems which cannot be fixed in the time we want to release this update. We aren't quite sure exactly when it will be available again, but rest assured it'll be back less buggy than it has been over the past few days.
Big thanks to both of the developers James & Jacob, as well as all the beta testers who worked hard at making this update as best as it can be. If you happen to come across anything wrong, no matter how serious it is, please do report it to us in the bugs section here.
CreativeScape Team

Brilliant server! I definitely will be spending hours on this one!

Hello everyone,


First of all, we'd like to take the time to make an apology for this being delayed slightly. Several things have came up for James and myself, so we were unable to get this out in time. Everything is good now, so things should gradually go back to normal.






Easter 2014

Easter may be over, but in CreativeScape it's still going on! The Wise Old Man has come to town down in Draynor Village and is in need of some help! Make your way over there and check out what's going on.. something unusual is happening in the world of CreativeScape. What could it be?








Clan Chat

We have a large number of updates implemented towards the Clan Chat system, something that's been only a basic model until now. You'll now find it includes the following:


- Ranking system

- Ban List

- Setup interface

- Limit who can talk in chat

- Limit who can enter the chat

- Right click options for ban/kicks as opposed to confusing commands.


Here's a basic overview of how the ranking system works:


- Friends will be automatically added/removed when you login or modify your friends list.

- Adding/removing a ranked member to/from your friends list will not change their rank.

- You can give ranks to people that aren't on your friends list from the settings tab.

- People with the Owner rank can do anything a normal owner would be able to do from the settings interface.

- A toggle option is available that allows owners to set/remove the owner rank (true owners cannot be modified).



Lootshare is also now available to use in a clan chat. For those who don't know, here's a basic overview of how it'll work:


- Lootshare only works in multi.

- Players must be within 16 blocks of the killed NPC.

- Players must have Lootshare enabled.

- Players LSP will deplete as nV = cV - (iV * (nL - 1 / nL)

- Players LSP will increase with every drop they do not receive as nV = cV + (iV / nL)

- Lootshare will take 1 minute to turn on/off.

- Lootshare can be reenabled instantly if you turn it on up to a minute after it was disabled.

- People with negative lootshare will not receive any drops with lootshare on until their lootshare becomes positive.

- If nobody has a positive lootshare, the highest hitter will receive the loot as usual. LSP will be modified as usual if there are 2+ Lootsharers in the area.

- If there are no lootsharers within the area, LSP will not be effected and drops will not be announced.

nV = New LSP
cV = current LSP
iV = item Value
nL = Number of Lootsharers
In other news...

- We've changed the way the client and cache is downloaded to your PC, so now after this update you won't need to keep re-downloading new versions of clients in order to play - it'll simply update automatically when you next load it up.


- Some bugs that caused players to turn invisible have also been fixed, as well as a bug which caused players to turn into NPCs.


- There was a small bug with the combat styles system which caused the server to crash several times, I'm glad to say that it's now been fixed and we therefore shouldn't experience as many crashes as we have been recently, if any at all.


- Several things that are believed to cause lagg spikes have also been fixed, such as text updating on certain interfaces and changing so players only update 15 players at a time when entering new regions. We're hoping that this is an improvement to the stability but we can't guarantee anything write now.


- The way dragonfire is handled has been changed, antifire shields now offer 50% damage reduction, DFS offers 100% immunity. Anti-fire potions will be introduced shortly to help balance.


More to come soon!



CreativeScape Staff


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