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★NEW★ Hazeel ★ 24 Skills ★ Zulrah ★ Gambling ★ Pets ★ PvM ★ | 317 Economy ★

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Hazeel brings you best oldschool & modern content.
Our active staff is there to make sure your first visit wont be your last.
Hazeel is brand new and we need you to help us form the game and community!
Join Hazeel today,  and be part of something new and different!


Great server! Not only is the advertisement fulfilling in features and pictures but the community is extremely welcoming! The owner, Hazeel is active in the community and easy to get in touch with in-game. I'd recommend this server over a lot that are advertised in this thread!

Appreciated :)

Growing fast, join up folks :)

Disabled 5 minute inactive logout
Fixed wilderness level not beeing correct
Fixed titles unlock spam at first login
Fixed summoning ladder taking player to varrock instead upstairs
Added new line of random message
Fixed character randomly glitching out and not allowing to logout or move
Fixed Recipes for disaster portal not starting minigame
Fixed Recipes for disaster ending teleporting player to ground floor
And heres the list of patches/adjustments right before public release:
Relocated all donator zone area
Fixed equipment stackable dupe
Fixed item dupe with smithing inerface
Fixed unlimited prayer beeing silver+ rank instead gold+
Ardougne cloak 4 now grants free prayer at any free and donator rank
Fixed Gold donators losing pray at some areas
Added messages when friend logged in/out
Added new interface for dueling
Adjusted duel arena to have only no armour fights
Disabled armour fight toggles
Replaced edgeville from revision 525 to 377 HD
Replaced invalid bank boots around map
Added toxic blowpipe in game & donator store
Removed rocktail barrel fishing from donator store
Added 3rd kingly impling to donator area`
Fixed Platinum training portal having no requirements
Replaced frost dragon device with portal
Lowered frost dragon portal requirement from gold to silver donator
Removed Sir Percival as hes no longer needed
Removed Musician from home as hes no longer needed
Added Musician to varios locations around the map
Fixed unlocked loyalty title spam when creating new account
Fixed and adjusted starter tutorial
Removed ghost town and relocated revenants to closed area
Added warning dialogue when teleporting to revenants
removed Free for all portal
Added Safe PVP teleport to wilderness teleports
Removed old skilling teleport menu
Added new skills teleport interface for easier teleports
replaced town crier with Hazeel instructor
Lowered maximum amount of stardust gain from falling star from 600 to 400
Fixed falling star crashing to wrong farming patch area
Fixed issue with combat and client crashes
Fixed revenants cavern showing level 374 wilderness
Fixed experiements not having a drop table
Added bronze axe & pickaxe to ironman tools store
Fixed auto donating not registering
Added rune pickaxe to ironman point exchange
Fixed typo in random message regarding explorer
Disabled Zulrah due to combat bug crashing players
Fixed ::recent command
Fixed ::donate command
Well of goodwill dept lowered to 50m until economy gets bigger
Team dungeoneering has been temporary disabled due to bug
Smithing experience has been buffed
Fixed Ironman store items previously added but not showing up
Fixed previously added experiment drops not working
Smelting iron ore success now scales with your smithing level
Corporeal beast now stays put in middle and no longer follows character
Corporeal best now can attack you anywhere in cavern, regardless of distance
Slighly lowered amount of base dungeoneering tokens you gain per floor
Slash bash can now drop 5 noted crystal keys as semi rare drop
Entering to Kraken instance now requires 500k coins instead 750k
Adjusted teleport to zulrah until Zulrah is re-enabled
range ammunition store n ow sells Zulrah scales
Donating has been re-enabled
This update requires you to download new client!
Fixed client cache updater
Added global message when new donation beeing claimed
Added new Wilderness boss: Callisto (Testing phase/no drops)
Added new Wilderness boss: Vel`Tion (Testing phase/no drops)
Added new item: Trident of the seas
Added new item: Dragon warhammer
Added new spell: Call of the seas
Buffed damage for Armadyl crossbow
Removed options to donate 75 USD & 100 USD
Fixed Monks robe bottom model
Fixed desert shirt model
Fixed white magic logs
Added Dragon warhammer to donator store
Added trident of the seas to donator store
Mithril seeds can be planted now everywhere but banks
Dice can be rolled only in gambling clanchat
Dice can now be rolled at any location
Fixed moderators beeing able to noclip
Fixed players beeing able to spawn custom objects client side
NB: Sunday is my day off, there wont be game updates performad sunday!

Hello Scapers,

First off, i appologize for not finishing two bosses added for testing. This prestige system took way more time thasn i ever could of expected.
I will do my best to catch up with those bosses and get them done tomorrow.

This time we got a prestige update ahead.
Until this day, Hazeel prestige system was sort of useless. Other than few items, there was really no point of prestige.
This is now different story.
New prestige system will add Hazeel more "endgame content".
Due to our fast experience gain, game was easy to max out within 2 days of gameplay and another 3 days gameplay for completitionist cape.
New prestige system will change it, a lot.

When you prestige any skill, you receive prestige point according to difficulty of certain skill, just like before.
Different is now how you get your next prestiged skill.
Every time you prestige skill, you gain also 1 prestige level for that certain skill.
Each level of prestige will lower your xp gains for skill you prestiged.
Each time you prestige skill, you will lose 5% of base experience.
You can prestige single skill maximum of 20 times, meaning if you reach maximum prestige of that skill, you will only gain 1% of experience you gained when you had 0 prestige of that skill.

New system will make it harder to gain and farm prestige points, so if you prestige any skill, make sure you are capable of regaining 99 skill with lower experience you did before.

Your prestige evel of certain skill will not affect points gained from prestigeing skill.
When you prestige skill, try to balance your experience gains, since you get more prestige by resetting a skill with higher experience and once you prestige that experience, getting same experience to prestige is harder.

You can check your skills prestiged and points from quest tab, on link where we used to have "important links".

Prestige levels will be added in near future to many game features, such as access to certain boss, access to certain skilling area and unlocking loyalty titles and achievements.

Prestige levels will be also requirements for completitionist cape.

In other news:

Removed 5-15 minute restrictions for clanchat, drop and trade
Server now announces if player reach 99 only first time
Server now announces if player prestiged skill more than 5 times


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