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Developer Log:
1. Downloaded feather 667
2. Edited feather client
3. Added custom titles
4. Added Custom items
5. Added veteran, assistant, donator ranks
6. Added 6 custom dialogues
7. changed "mrex" dialogue to real runescape dialogue
8. Added the raptor at home.
9. Added tokhaar-kal
10. Added global trivia
11. Removed global trivia
12. Added Dice contracts
13. Disabled rights == 2 trade
14. Added Loyalty points
15. Added npc's talking (obove the head)
16. Added shops
17. Added skills to 120 Instead of 99 (client + server sided)
18. Changed cache prices to match buying prices
19. Added multipile Npc's at home
20. Worked on Exp Lamps (item 2528) (Never finished them).
21. Added "Ring of slaying"
22. Added ::train (multipile locations)
23. Added Tax bag system (replacement of money pouch)
24. Added bank tabs (buggy asfk)
25. Added aura wings (supreme)
26. Added Dungeoneering (find the boss room)
27. Edited dungeoneering
28. Fixed Tax bag system bug (dupe)
29. Changed the player spawn location (lumby)
30. Added Welcome npc (gives info on server)
31. Added Kills capes (requires kills to obtain the capes)
32. Added rights 2 and spawn rights to keep items on death
33. Changed combat + skilling xp rate (high asfk now)
34. Added combat lamp (gives xp for all combat stats (160k a stat)
35. Edited Task tab.
36. Added interface opening when you click the ? button next to the logout button( only works on small screen)
37. Removed some tabs
38. Broke Un equiping items in the equipment tab.
39. Failed to add starters
40. Added Dungeoneering ring.
41. Removed some broken (nulled) npc's from the cache
42. Added loyalty points (inbank)
43. Edited cache ( lite chaotic weapons)
44. Added semi-working bolas
45. Added infraction command (basicly ::infract reece, gives a ban point to a player once they reach 10 ban points there account is automaticly ip banned)
46. Edited client (changed loading titles)
47. Added ::yell - and ::commands and ::players
48. Fixed a few small screen bugs
49. Added more helpful shops at home
50. Started work on construction
51. Fixed total level ( now is 3000)
52. Fixed death glitch
53. Fixed double death bug
54. Added subj robes
55. Added PvP tokens (rewarded for killing another player)
56. Added virtus book and wand (just duplicated master and mages book and recoloured them)
57. Fixed some Models
58. Edited Dice - Now logs every roll  - anti-scam system right there
59. Edited mute interface
60. Added rotten potato options
61. Fixed hp bug
62. Added better object handling
63. Added squid cape
64. Added completionist cape requirements
65. Added tokhaar-kal cape requirements
66. Added yell timer (for donators)
67. Added admins can't sell to shops
68. Added total level 1000 required to yell.
69. Added Owners do not need dung tokens to buy chaotics
70. Working on Owners do not need coins to buy items from stores
71. Added Owners do not need coins to buy from shops.
72. Added afk auto-kick "you aint farming my loyalty points"
73. Removed the auto-kicker as it is to buggy.
74. Added administrators cannot stake.
75. Added frost dragon cave entrace @ home
76. Added requirements on frost dragon entrace - 1800 total level.
77. Started work on bank tabs.
78. Ended work on bank tabs - Reason: WTF
79: Added tokhaar-kal model switching (new) (old)
80: Added Skull statue @ home - 1st click restores your st00f.
81: Began working on new skilling zone
82: Added stalls to new skilling zone.
83: Added ores to new skilling zone
84: Added trees at skilling zone
85: Added ::skillingzone teleport.
86: Added zombie minigame teleporter/shop at home
87: Added Npcs at skilling zone with shops.
88: Added ::dicezone with 2 options
89: Started to think about adding prestige.
90: Added 'Spawn Rank' - Cannot trade/pk/duel/drop items/usefimiliars
91: Started work on a new item (bank ticket) - opens your bank for a small fee of 1mill, (Still in progress)
92: Added (frozen) virtus set
93: Added titles auto-set depending on your rank, mods get "Moderator",  veterans get "Veteran" etc
94: Added rc altars
95: Added "SPR" title to rights 8
96: Added new models 'sirenic' set
97: Added drops to frost dragons, zombies, bandos, nex etc
98: Added PvM token system
99: Added PvM Token Store
100: Added stats to all custom amours, sirenic, frozen etc
101: Added Zombie Prestige token system to zombies, 1 hit = 1 token
102: Added Drops at revenants
103: Added blackmark/infraction system, Once a player reaches 10bm they will be automaticly banned!
104: Added "Are you sure?" Option when typing ::empty
105: Added Reward for reaching a milestone in kills - 300 kills you get awarded with dragon claws
106: Started Work on killstreaks
107: Added ::Setyelltitle (title here)
108: Added ::sethome ::hotspot - sets a teleport to a location
109: Added ::shutdown Reason
110: Added ::staffonline - gives you a list of any offical staff members than are online
111: Added Real Runescape death messages
112: Fixed Combat - Added Perfect combat %100 rate of drops - Perfect mage - range - melee added
113: Added Flower Poker - Requires dice permit
114: Removed npc id = 239: reason bugged
115: Removed npc id = 798: reason Did not work
116: Added Gambling NPC at home.
117: Added buggy Bank pins...... HELP
118: Added staff of armadyl creation - item used with items opens dialogues etc
119: Added Glacor's spawning + started adding glacor drops.
120: Added Glacor drops
121: Fixed PvP bug - items will be dropped at a %100 rate even if you move while fighting
122: Removed custom task tab  - cleaned up and cleaned up
123: Removed ::kdr because When you kill someone it bugs and it doesnt set your kills +1 will work on this later
124: Changed skill max level back to 99, thought 120 looked a little ugly - to change back to 120, client sided is in and server side
125: Fixed Item removing from the correct tab -
126: Started working on alching,
127: Added boss "Nomad" drops, red cape, blue cape, - will add "void peice" 3 void peices make 1 real void peice.
128: Added Nomad enter npc alongside the dialogue + also added screen shake! to imply his loud voice
129: Added luciendiec boss (level 7500) will be reduced to 900, Also added 15 ice rubble around the area to provent no clippers
130: Added new quest interface - Actions contains teleports, cmds etc
131: Added new dialogue for completionist cape stand, "take/Leave" options
132: Added CompCapeGuard dialogue + added comp cape guard.
133: Removed guard as the dialogue is broken, "option1" "option2" etc
134: Fixed xuans options- clear title+shop under right click options, also added the "who are you" option when talking to xuan
135: Edited MREX dialogue and added KQ Lair teleport
136: Reworked shops added new shops added new npcs
137: Added xp boosting, if your wearing the woodcutting outfit your xp boost is like 2.0
138: Started work On dragonfire sheild "operate option"
139: Added all working teleports to interface 583 20+teleports added sigh
140: Edited the quest tab, added "pvm" options
141: Added New warning interface (lure proof) when teleporting to death plataeu
142: Started to work on adding shoe changing options
143: Started working on %100 clan wars, added correct safe portal interfaces, currently working on adding the areas of PvP in and out
144: Added correct areas on in and out safe pvp with correct interfaces and ids
145: Failed to add red portal, now under construction, will try again another time.
146: Added automaticly given space once you enter the barrows area.
147: Edited the 'pvm' option in the quest tab
148: Added 4 new familiar pouches
149: Duel arena fix, added boosted stats reset to regular stats
150: Added correct interface to object 54040 (sign post)
151: Added cannoe system
152: Added helpful dialogue to npcs near canoe system
153: Added 6 fishing spots
154: Added 2 fishing shops + 8 items in the store
155: Changed the xp rates to about %50 than it was before
156: Changed the xp rates to %50 again.
157: started working on construction interface 397
159: Added construction shop with 3 types of planks, will add more in the future
160: Added realestateagent dialogue
162: Changed npc 4247's default spawn
163: Added another 10 construction options
164: Removed ::revs, added revs safe (inside cave)
165: Attempted to add a donator benifit: code :
166: Added new logout interface w00000t #origonal bruh
167: Added random login rewards, 250th player login reward etc.
168: Added ::maxed, ::maxcape
169: Added item losing options interface 18.
170: Attempted to add an "Mod Panel" option for rights 1 and 2, only problem is the dialogue does not open.
171: Added another "blackmark" system that notes down offences by players, this is VERY BUGGY
172: Addec custom npc!!! "mod reece" id 16 - its a little messed up.. but ok
173: Attempted to add a player refferal system {FAILED}
174: Added reqirements to take comp cape, [TODO] fix the "takecompcape" dialogue asap requirement = 2496 total level
175: Started work on Warriors guild, Currently using "hellmans" WguildControler
176: Added %100 working animated "NPC'S" FOR the warrior guild
177: Created dialogue "shanomi"
178: Started working on "warrior guild entrance" requirements dialogue/checker
179: Completed Warrior guild enterance guy, added requirements to enter (90 + strength)
180: Added dialogue "kamfreena" requires 350 warrior tokens id(8851) to enter, once you choose "yes enter 350 tokens get deleted from your inv)
181: Added warrior guild token drops
183: Added culinaromancer glove upgrading, (still to do)
184: Added culinaromancer upto 10 gloves
185: Added the "craft-tier (x)" onto the culinaromancer gloves
186: Removed Interfaces for the Warriors guild
187: Added culinaromancer gloves tier 1 drops (kbd)
188: Changed the culinaromancer glove crafting to black dhides (noted)
189: Added dialogue "MiscTeles" and added npc "12289" with combat level 138
190: Added new npc at home, uses dialogue "MiscTeles" this could be helpful or completely useless
191: Added 4 portals that go into the warrior guild magical animator room because ive disabled the doors, reason: they used the same doors upstairs
192: Started working on godsword, Spirit sheild creations,
193: Added godsword creations+dismantiling. will add requirements to create godswords such as 90 smithing.
194: Added vorago
195: Added baby vorago pet cus why not
196: Started adding 120 master capes
197: Added grand exchange tutor - with interfaces
198: Added Multi choice teleports for ::home
199: Added :pkroom teleport
200: Added New home
201: Added Players can now type ::spawnrank for spawn ablilities (this removes their rights to trade, stake, pk)
202: Fixed PvP bug
203: Added command ::viewlogs (logname) - ERROR
204: Attempting to add a tutorial for the new players
205: Added Dialogue "AccountType" - Part of tutorial
206: Started working on a cleaner item spawning command "::spawn" not finished
207: Added A new trimmed completionist cape requirement! burn 1000 magic logs! may add a reward - infernal az
208: Added requirement burn 250 yew logs
209: Added requirement Catch 1000 rocktails
210: Added requirement Fletch 1000 magic longbows
211: Added requirement cook 1000 rocktails
212: Added requirement mine 1000 runite ores
213: Added requirement Smith 100 rune platebodies
214: Added requirement 100 gnome agility corse laps - Reward agile set
215: Added reward for cutting 1000 magic logs - lumberjack set
216: Added Item degrading "corrupt items" "nex sets" etc
217: Added text ingame to show people where stuff was
218: Added new Turn-to-bunny item - if you eat a easter egg it randomly puts you into a bunny
219: Added optional tutorial (reward = starter kit +1m cash)
220: Added "IRONMAN" rank - these players cannot trade,stake,drop
221: "hotspot" system +command
222: Renamed "spawn rank" ironman and took away spawning abilities.
223: Added new method "   ErrorMessage, WarnMessage, succeedMessage"
224: Added Bank Pins (bit ugly)
225: Added "we advise you to not trade near ditches"! - stops trade glitching
226: Added profanity censor example: "player a: fudge" "player b: ****"
227: Fixed PvP bug - Now even if your moving and you die your items will be lost!
228: Added Server auto-mute feature, If you spam 13 words/letters/numbers at once you will be auto muted for 3 hours.
229: Remade the ::hide command, now auto says 3, 2, 1, Poof! then goes into hide
230: Added Completionist cape players can now vanish just like moderators!
231: Added new command ::getinfo shows, secconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, password, bankpin, username, loyalty point info
232: Added Item degrading while worn ( corrupt dragon, vesta, statius, morigans, etc)
233: Added Nex, PvP gear, corrupt gear, all degrades to dust, adding nex repair
234: Added Ali the smith, Repairs nex items, zayrite bows for 20m
235: Added %90 bolas - Still need to add gfx 468
236: Added working sling (need to find correct emote/gfx ids)
237: Added Correct Dungonering shop interface (todo)
238: Replaced bugged dungeoneering bosses with gwd bossed (temp)
239: Fixed NPC drops not appearing
240: Added command ::disableyell (player) ::enableyell (player) - Toggles players ability to yell
241: Added reqular players can yell requirement: 300 total level
242: Added wilderness oblisk teleports
242: Bolas Error - Bolas Only tangles someone once then doesnt re-tangle them unless you exit combat
243: Edited cache - Replaced white skulls with red skulls (wilderness) (replaced quest tab sprite
244: Added new teleport interface id == 761 - check quest tab for more info
245: Started to add "ModTool" Dialogue - works with item id 5733 rotten potato - %20 complete
246: Scrapped the modtool idea
247: Added report a player interface
248: Added new Donator shop interface 467 - Not complete
249: Added new interface that will force open upon donation
250: Added %80 Player reporting/ignoring
251: Added interface for loyalty - Options Teleport to shop - Not right now
252: Added achievement interface
253: Added New Donation Interface ingame
254: Added new credit system "Donor Credit", instead of buying items right off the bat, you now only have a certin amount of options to chose from hehe , when you donate you receive "donor credit" instead of items
255: Started working on Point system minusing points/buying
256: Added Dialogue - LampClaim
257: Added Dialogue - TwoHundyMill
258: Added Dialogue - RareClaim
259: Added Dialogue - ThirdAgeClaim - ERROR COULD NOT FIND THIRD-AGE PECEIS
260: Added Dialogue- NexSet - ERROR
261: %60 Completed new donation interface
262: Added %100 ring of kinship teleporting
263: Added new ::hide - Made it better, Cannot hide in pvp
264: Started Adding logs, Mute logs, Ban Logs, Take/give Diceperm/donator
265: Added new Force Texts, If you leave a pvp zone/teleport out of a pvp area, it forcetexts "-pvp disabled-"
266: Added ForceText command. Now I can fudge everyone off by saying stupid shit
267: Added New Command to stop a shutdown!, this means if there is a update in progress and I want to stall it i can type ::stopupdate and it will stop xd
268: Added/fixed Dueling, Now works %100
269: Upgrade/downgraded to a shitty zenithscape cache, 667 loading 721 for updated npc's
270: Started working on FightCaves, base, Matrix
271: Fight Caves are fudgeed for fudges knows reasons, when you enter the pit it skips through the waves and when you get out all the fudgeing waves spawn for no reason???
272: I think its finally finished for me.. I might go to 637/639. Ive done what i can for revampedrs 667/681.
273: Still developing 667 server, Added double xp for donators/staff members
274: Fixed all Banks With opening, Now requires bank pins to be entered
275: Added Ip loggs
276: Started thinking about adding a alternative "pouch" for items such as, logs, ores, skilling items etc
278: Fixed duel Arena, You now do not have the option to "fight/attack" straight away. When the count down ends the option to attack pops up
279: Fixed All duelarena configs
280: Drank 10 lts of coke in 3 days
281: Added New Punishment system, "PunishCount" If you recieve A PunishCount of 1 you get muted, 2 = Jailed , 3 = Banned
282: Started work on Revampedrs's FIRST EVER QUEST! THATS fudgeING RIGHT A QUEST! "RevampedRS In Trouble"
283: Added multipile dialogues for the new quest " Revampedrs in trouble"
284: Finished Quest : "RevampedRS In Trouble"
285: Errors/bugs, New quest revampedrs in trouble has just been added to the game, But Ive stumbled over some bugs
In the dialogues They dont close properly This will be fixed in the future.
286: Added new ::teleto - much cleaner
287: Started working on Bankpins, - Will make them much cleaner with a dialogue interface to type them into.
288: Added macBanning/unmacbanning/getmac
289: Added "Kidoncoke"'s from rune-server's Crash detector/auto restarter
290: fudge YES %100 REAL BANK TABS... fudgeING REAL RS 667 CACHE W000000000T
291: Decided to make RevampedRS Perfect 667 Into a PVP Server. Yes Somepeople don't like it but I fudgeing love it
292: Added all npc's @ new home
293: Added New Command ::gear - And ::runes
294: Added 1st custom item with new cache  - RevampedRS Blade - Uses %100 spec, THIS WEAPON IS OP ASFK
295: Fixed Combat, if you die moving in pvp, your killer will get the items
296: Started adding a donator gear selection >> donator bens bruh
297: Added Eviltree
298: Added EvilTree Respawning
299: Added Command ::spawneviltree - Admin only
300: ::EvilTree - teleto eviltree
301: todo: Eviltree rewards, Eviltree anims
302: Added account security You cannot say your password outloud
303: Added %90 name changing - Problem Dupes Account
304: Added chaotic charges - Chaotics degrade now
305: Added "" - alt worldthread
306: Added XP highscores - fo dem skillers


We need Staff (please dont ask)

First 5 people that join get free regular donator!!!

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