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RSPS-PK is a 2015 pk server!


Recent Updates:

* Ignore list works now, the ignored person won't be able to talk, pm, duel or trade you.
* The attack option won't be first if the person is in your clan or you are in a fight in non-multi and the person hovered isn't the person you are attacking.
* Caching chat message, clan and friends data so client will use less CPU
* Clan members/purple dots will now update no matter what, first you had to be at the clanchat tab due to performance issues but because of a new system I wrote this won't be a bottleneck anymore.
* Redone the magic formula and special on 'tanks' (like you guys call it)
* Fixed some items prices so the items kept on death order is more logical
* Client settings now save on logout
* Added 3 different menu styles
* If you turn off your private chat you won't see your green dots anymore(handy in wars)
* Attack option prioritized
* Redone all combat formulas, buffed magic, nerfed range and redone protection prayers.
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There is so much more to this server, but i'm going to let you come and join, so you can find out!

Other Features:

* Black Jack
* Wilderness Monsters Drop Useful Items!
* Fully Working Slayer ( monsters are in the wildy! )
* hybrids/rangers/melee/pure - every category has someone!
* Edgeville pk - ::hybrid ( pk area )
* Gear sets - simply click the button!
* save/load a gear set!
* ::setlevel command!
* Working highscores - elo/kdr/ks/bounty!
* Wonderful Switching Useful for hybrids!
* The eco is all about pk points! ( tickets )
* 100's of players to play and compete against!
* Events Every Day! The Rewards For Winning Are Astonishing!


Oh wow, really nice haha, I wish you the best of luck with this server :)

Oh wow, that last picture kind of threw me off haha... nice. I see some interesting content on here, might give it a go.

Updated To show more content, and tell more about the server!

Well in terms of the donator shop, I was looking at the store page and I find it a bit ridiculous on what's provided in the shop, don't you think? Either or, I never understood the reason for making donator (or regular donator - whichever in this case) 10 dollars, it's like a global amount for every RSPS I've seen online - it's weird, and I find that to be a little overpriced.


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