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Rune-Destiny The Glorious beginning

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-fix hp of npcs
-added bank and blood altar at runecrafting
-fixed lootshare announcing wrong person at gaining rares
-prestige system is working 100%
-can use cape while prestiging, just dont remove it when you dont have the total lvl of 2496
-99 can get 2spins,120 can get 3 spins, 99all will give you 5spins,120 all will give you 10spins


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Time Online: 9d 20h 1m 51s
-added more(friendly) slayer task and remove some unfriendly ones haha
-donator stuffs can now be traded to non-donors
-made donator flask noted
-added automatic rank update depends on total donations
-added new color code for lottery tix
-added logs so we can monitor some activities on the server.
-fixed some duel glitch issues(reworked whole duel system)
-disabled emotes @ pvp area
-added drops on revs
-added virtus wand on nex
-fix reported bug on onspot dueling
-fixed lootshare bug-added hween event!
-fixed weapon animation bug/glitch
-fixed mace skating glitch

-enabled banking at player owned houses
-fixed battleaxe attack animation
-fixed gilded pickaxe not able to use when mining
-fixed herblore make all option
-fixed artisan make all option

-Introducing the New Livid Farming!
gain farming exp while bunching
gain farming,crafting,herblore exp while deposit at wagon
magical orb 100% working bought through livid points, can bunch 27 plants in no time! and an alternative for bucket so no need to have a bucket on your inv!

Introducing the "Adventurers Logs" NPC added at home!
-can see others statistics (prestige,total donation etc)
-can see others drop logs
-can see others npc kill counts
-also added a damage when thieving(to prevent macroing)
-login limit = 1 no more dual client

Bump :) guys check this server! :D Growing Fast!!

-updated thieving stalls for skillers, you get 1-2 damage, unless your more than lvl 3 combat
-fixed firemaking, can't make fire above fire
-reduced granite exp mining
-reduced summoning exp gaining
-remove bigbones on father aereck
-increased spinning exp gain
-add new stuffs for runecrafting check to see it yourselves
-fixed withdraw from pouch with full inv = money lost
-fix money pouch dupe :)
-fixed ruby spec gives insane exp
-fixed giving extra exp even you hit a cap of 500 to a npc-added reflect damage to safespottable bosses
-disable dropping if tradebanned
-added droplogs
-added reflect damage to safespottable bosses
-disable dropping if tradebanned
-added droplogs


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