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Shilo Village Oldschool server [Full release]

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This is a server I very loosely created based on a server I played by Runite which if you want to check it out here's a link It's a 2006 server, with a very old school feeling but not just another remake. There will be unique ways I add content, certain items will have effects that may be different runescape. I wanted to make a game like this server because when I played it, I enjoyed the game-style. The theory behind this type of server is to keep it close knit, when you can free roam around runescape it makes it harder for the community to connect because it's so spread out. This being said I don't plan for the server to be limited to Shilo in any manner. I want to have just as much content if not more but by using only Islands off of runescape mainland and dungeons either in or out of runescape mainland, but many of these will be reachable by entrances or traveling from around Shilo village.

Server Xp Rate is 7x real runescape rates and will remain that way.

Background on me as a developer: I'm very ADD when I develop which is never necessarily a bad thing. I like to make sure things are added right and I rarely take the easy way out when adding content. I want my content to seem unique and if it takes some tedious work then by all means I'll do it.

Forums Link: Forums[/URL]
Client Download: Shilo-Village[/URL]
Webclient Link: Webclient[/URL]

Only unntrainable skills as of now
Agility - system is put in place (thinking of unique course)
Thieving - system added - need to add npcs and stalls in server
Herblore - Herbs are dropped by many npcs but need to add potion making

Full npc clipped following & attacking (with npc size checking)
Full object distancechecking and clipping

Current reachable places:
[*]Shilo Village
[*]Brimhaven Dungeon
[*]Karamja Dungeon
[*]Tzhaar Caves
[*]Ape Atoll
[*]Shilo Dungeon
[*]Edgeville Dungeon
[*]Taverly Dungeon

For the first week there will be a rare chance that chickens and cows will drop christmas crackers, afterwards there won't be a way to get them again.


Fletching: Full arrow fletching (Feather + Arrow shaft = Headless arrow + Arrowtip = arrow)

Full log fletching to unstrung

Fully automatic stringing

Crafting: Tanning

Hide crafting

Flax picking

Flax+Wool spinning




Fishing: Fully working with randoms

Full slayer system:

Slayer Cave:

Tele to essence mines- part of runecrafting


Non-skill related
Dungeon under Shilo:

Small look at the dungeon

Tzhaar Caves with full Fight Caves

Traveling to Brimhaven: Access to brimhaven dungeon and Karamja Island

Traveling to Ape Atoll:

Monkey guards on Ape Atoll that have small chance to drop dragon scimitar and also heal.

Custom Quest that grants access to Entrana:

Tribal Warrior Boss: Rare drop chance of Jungle Vine\also cooking gauntlets

Tentacle Boss on Crandor:

Jungle Demon Boss in deep Wilderness:

Challenge your friends to duel ANYWHERE!

Minigame to obtain Recipie for Disaster gloves, accumulate points by killing monsters and buy gloves from shop:

Ancient Skeleton Mage Boss:

Staff List: Mostly meant to help players but also let's players know staff online in case assistance is direly needed.


Good luck/Friendly bump




Glad to see Runite inspired so many people with his server. It was fun moderating it while it lasted.

OT: Good luck with the server :)


Bump and more pictures added of bosses and general content :)

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