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Solace OSRS 317

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tank nation:

Play Solace Now!!

We now have IRONMAN MODE

More Players are coming everyday!

Hello Everyone! We are the Solace Team!
We would like to start out by letting everyone know a little about our server. Our Server is a 2007 Old-school RSPS. The Solace Team has been working on the server for a little over 1 1/2 years working hard to improve and give the best content and we would like to welcome everyone to be apart of it with us. We are always open to suggestions. We are always active on forums posting updates, Vote Polls, ect. We take votes for any new updates that enter the game to make sure its to our players standards.

OVER 11 Different Bosses
Of course we have all of our lovely Boss Pets!
Short Boss Pet Video HERE[/url]

TONS of Mini-Games

All Skills Working

5 Different Pking Spots

Shops + Thieving

Monster Training Spots

Some items In-game

Last but not least we have our Donator Zone  :: dzone

Donator- Able to make quick money with skilling, have access to close Woodcutting, Mining, Cooking & Training
Gold Donator- Same as above but with access to a couple of thieving stalls 30k per thiev.
Super Donator- Same as above but also with access to an altar that restores hit-points, prayer and spec you can also have the benefit of cahnging your title by doing ::title-name-color (Ex:  ::title-King-Blue )

Need to Contact Us? Here's How


**We are in the Process of a New Forums** :)
Until then, be sure to check our forums!!


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