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    « on: March 31, 2015, 02:24:36 PM »

    I'd like to start this off with giving credits to James2613 for releasing his source, which is what my server is based off of. (BoomScape) I don't have much to brag about yet, or anything that's going to necessarily 'stand-out,' besides one thing, we're really progressive, and the servers content, and unique features are rapidly growing. We're basing this server off of player-based content, meaning we're basing alot of the content, etc off our players and their input to ensure 110% fun, and game quality. We're striving to become if not the best one of the best servers out. I plan to release this source after a couple years, or more, depending how it goes and so far it's golden. This is kinda just a intro btw, and this isn't a 'official advertisement', but don't delete it, because we need to start gaining a player base, and getting input for features and content, now that all bugs/dupes/glitches are fixed, we're running off a VPS aswell. ANYWAY, here's basic info about the server;

    - Completed all mini-games
    - Bank Pins
    - Grand Exchange (finished)
    - Secure Money (What I mean by this is that users coins are almost impossible to NULL we spent a lot of time making this fix and it works great!)
    - Lottery System (This is a little different from the normal lottery you'd see in a RSPS, a random amount of cash for a reward is created between 1,000,000, and 500,000,000, to enter the lottery you have to buy a ticket, you click the ticket to scratch it, and get the number. When the lottery is ready, the lottery guy will pull a number from his 'bowl of numbers', and if it's yours you win)
    - Glacors (Flawless)
    - Duel Arena (We're working on some preset settings for this)
    - Dungeoneering System (Unlike other RSPS' we have a great way of training your Dungeoneering Level, making it difficult and rewarding in a wave system!)
    - All Skills Trainable (Literally)
    - SoF
    - Tons of bosses, and places to train (SERIOUSLY)
    - This is a hardish eco server, I want long term players, and I don't want them being bored
    - Auto Voting & donation system added
    - Flawless combat rewrote
    - Clan lootshare, and full clans added
    - Item lending
    - Chaotics
    - Statius, vesta
    - Drygores, offhand wepons too added
    - Ascension Crossbow added
    - A new bow, a new whip added
    - Ganodermics, polypore, fungale, etc added
    - Pets for everyone, and donor pets
    - New range and mage armor being added

    And all the other basic shit you'd normally see in a RSPS
    Now to things, that are more unique, and or are being added;

    - Rewriting Achievement system, and changing achievements
    - 30+ Achievements
    - Team Dungeoneering
    - Social Slayer (Duo Slayer)
    - New Quest interface, with new quests coming soon
    - New mini-games / quests, that reward some items that'll help you.
    - Rewriting thieving
    - Adding customizable client, changeable revision, with 2 game-frames to chose from (you can swap in settings, if u ever wanna change back to old one)
    - Rewriting construction ( so It's like real RS, and BETTER you'll have to wait for it to come out to know what I mean ;) )
    - New mini-map features
    - Client Launcher, revamped website / forum
    - New Godwars Boss, with armor and a godsword !
    - Added a player profiler, and Player Panel, with interface and icon

    And there's some more, will go back over this a edit add more stuff, and pictures!
    Thank you for reading if you're interested in playing please come in and atleast try us out!
    And if you don't like it tell us how we could improve it and make things different so you do!

    [Don't mind VPS message bout maintenance we're ONLINE]
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    « Reply #1 on: March 31, 2015, 02:40:10 PM »
    Some media would be a great addition to your post.
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    « Reply #2 on: March 31, 2015, 05:29:38 PM »
    No offence bro, but not many people are going to read all that. Add media please.
    Quote from: sk8rdude461
    It's not unique. You wanna know why there's no server out there like it?
    That Logic doe....
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