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Tavlonia RSPS

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There Is 2X PKP For The First Month of the Release!

Tavlonia is a 667 RSPS Made by players, for players in order to catch flawless gameplay to create an MMORPG that is on another level. Totally unique, great development team which strive to develop the features that the players want, rather than the staff team.
Daily updates, Daily price Changes.

Check us out

This is a 667 RSPS with many custom areas, custom bosses and custom items. It has many features unseen before!

            PvP On Tavlonia is better than extraordinary. We have 10 + different PvP PKing zones where you can do a multiple of different things. E.G.
High Risk PK(You must be risking atleast 50m to enter) for all of you gambling risk takers, this is a great way to obtain some GP!

1v1 Wilderness - For those of you that like a fair fight or perhaps want to settle some arguments!

Multi PvP - For those of you PKers who like to have a team fight or perhaps want to do some LURING! This is great fun and is a very active area for our players. A Great way of earning yourself some PvP Tokens and GP!

Safe PvP - For those of you who are a little too scared to lose your precious hard earned items

In Tavlonia, you can gain killstreaks for a KillStreak cape. Those who have killstreaks become a "Bounty" and therefore many members of Tavlonia are looking to find and kill them as the loot will have rewards and bonuses!


Changed The GameFrame Interfaces







For those that say "leech" before logging in Heres some of what i have changed since it's been hosted (19/11/14)



Okay here we go:
Fixed 3 Dupes
1, (Drop, Playersave in a fight dupe)
2, (Trade items, then teleport from dialogue - forces accept)
3, (Taking an item from the bank and closing the client)

Fixed Many Bugs:
- Client Freezing when teleporting to Revenants
- Being able to teleport out of jail using ::brimdung then ::tavdung straight away
- The nullpointer in (Causing the server to lagg out and null accounts)
- Fixed the stability of the source (wouldnt hold more than 25 players without constant Dc's, Due to a memory leak from packetsdecoder)
- fixed 3 emotes
- Added bank Tabs

- Added Drops to all Godwars Bosses
- Added Drops to the custom boss
- Fixed Bandos God (HP Bar would get stuck at around 50hp)
- Fixed revenants drops
- Many NPC's in the dungeons were AGGRESSIVE (Fixed)
- Fixed hits of Iron Drags

- Rarely occured (Players wouldnt lose items on death)
- fixed the long delay between eating (Now like RS)
- Sped up switching.
- Fixed the ::spec bug allowing players to use outside of wilderness now and not inside.
- Fixed wilderness Ditch
- Safe PvP Lever now works fully

-Added ::Skull (its a pk server....)
- Super donators can ::bank

Donator Benefits
- Updated DonorZone (Added 2 More Donator Only Shops)
- Donators Now Get More GP Per kill and Pvp tokens (Fixed)

+ A Few More I Can't Remember.

DONT CALL THIS A LEECH (Its been up for less than a week and im still making changes)

We have money from donations already, plenty of which to be spent on advertising!


nice ip..


"Java's moody..."
be a shitty ``coder'', blame it on the language
nice logic mate


--- Quote from: vortex on November 30, 2014, 11:00:29 AM ---"Java's moody..."
be a shitty ``coder'', blame it on the language
nice logic mate

--- End quote ---

be a shitty coder? Does anything you actually just said make sense?

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