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    Author Topic: UnityScape Android rsps (in development)(Unity)  (Read 703 times)

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    UnityScape Android rsps (in development)(Unity)
    « on: February 11, 2017, 11:15:37 AM »
    hello i'm known by XDesign101 and i'm currently working on a runescape private server for android and i've come along way so far

    i have a couple of monsters a decent looking starter area sorta based off lumbridge its fully online pvp is available.
    current trainable skills Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, Magic

    available sets of armor right now all armor from bronze to dragon are implemented but only bronze and iron are equip able at the momment

    there is one magic spell air the basic air strike

    player trading is possible. so far you can only trade one item at a time (im thinking of leaving this way but adding currency to the trade as well).
    there is also a working bank system
    as well as a admin command/console system (i will be adding to this in time so there will be moderator commands and player commands such as "starter")

    i have basic shops you find in game that sell all kinds of items from armor and weapons (i will be adding food and potions later)(fishing and cooking will accompany the food update)

    i figured id just post about my current work and hope for some testers to help me test out updates

    you can head over to my youtube to cheack update videos of this server in action on the android (this rsps is being tested on the samsung galaxy s5).

    (i post video updates to this playlist)

    i have all the items ready to add to the server it just takes time as a single person XD.
    im creating this game with unity thanks in advance to all who like and or decide to want to help test

    if you have any questions please pm me or add me on skype: xdesign101


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