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    Author Topic: Unrivaled Gods [317]  (Read 328 times)

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    Unrivaled Gods [317]
    « on: January 07, 2015, 01:55:48 PM »

    Webclient - Play Now![/url]
    Client Download[/url]

    Server Info
    Unrivaled Gods is an active and well-established Runescape Private Server.
    Online 24/7, Unrivaled Gods has a friendly and dedicated
    community with active staff ready to help whoever is in need.
    It will blow your mind with its amazing skilling, economy and custom points system.
    Players are rewarded daily for voting and there are many donator/member benefits!

    You might be wondering: what the hell is prestige? Ight. Prestige is a rank that you can earn by maxing out all your stats.
    At the moment, you can prestige 30 times. Leveling up gets harder after each prestige so it'll be more interesting and more challenging.
    By prestiging, you get Prestige Points wich can be used on our prestige shop to get yourself a little reward for all the hard work.
    Your drop rates are also increased everytime you prestige, so, the higher your prestige is, the better are the chances to get rare drops.

    Each time you level up on any skill, you get 10 skillpoints.
    You can use your skillpoints to buy some goodies from our skilling points shop.
    Skilling won't be that boring anymore since you can get alot of stuff just by leveling up

    If you prestige atleast once you will be able to access and buy whatever you want from our special prestige skilling store!

    Annihilation Points
    Here, with us, you'll get points by killing monsters. Every monster gives a certain amount of Annihilation Points
    wich can be used on our shops to buy some gear and lots of weapons!

    Bank tabs & Fullscreen!

    Working Prayers & Veng!

    Special Attacks and Overload!



    Avatar Of Destruction

    The Grim Reaper

    General Graardor



    K'ril Tsutsaroth

    Chaos Elemental

    Corperal Beast

    Balance Elemental

    King Black Dragon


    Kalphite Queen

    Tormented Demons

    Commander Zilyana


    Sea Queen Troll

    Dagannoth Supreme

    Dagannoth Prime

    Dagannoth Rex

    Our community is growing everyday! Come and Join us!

    Webclient[/url]     |     Forums[/url]     |     Download[/url]

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