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ZephyraOSRS - Official Release 02/11/2016



Welcome to the Official Zephyra Advertisement!
We are a brand new Runescape Server, open to the public as of 01/11/2016!
Yes, we are based off Vencillo but unlike most servers we're actually making changes and fixing major issues.
We're not here to 'Be the Best' or to compete with any of the bigger servers, no, we're simply here to create a place that players can visit to have fun, be social and not have to worry about anything.
We are an Economy based server but we have new Slayer Monsters that are in deep wilderness, meaning you pkers will always have someone to kill!
We like to focus on every aspect of the gameplay and we love taking in advice from players.
There will never be negativity in the server because we're all about being a friendly community.
Visit our forums for the link to play; Our Play button on our website isn't functional at the moment!



Somewhat unique Home Area

New Slayer Monsters

OSRS Npc's

Small community building up (Note: There is actually 0 AGS in game)

I know that's not alot of images but there's not a whole load of new content, I need you and your ideas!
I really hope to see you soon, remember, the Download link and Forums are at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: I understand this is a well known base and typically generates hate on advertisements, I am not doing this to be a "Top Private Server", it is honestly just for the fun of the people, I enjoy making people happy. Please don't flame, if you don't like it just click Ctrl + W, Cmd + W if you're on a mac.


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