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* Pergitori * 667-714 server still under development!

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PergitoriBy Bloodm0onCredits:
-Steel Kiwi
-Matrix?I began with the client and source Extinction v2 by Poanizer, I never before this have had experience in javascript coding.
This is my first RuneScape private server to be honest. 667-714 release by Bloodm0on. It is an edited Zenith base, most of
the bugs have been resolved.

(click to show/hide)When you first spawn into Pergitori, you'll notice that you are at the east bank in Varrock.
You'll notice when you first begin you'll have almost an inventory worth of things! Items such as runes, weapons, armor, and even some GP!

(click to show/hide)Directly beside the east bank there will be quite a bit of low level men and female NPCs to attack and train your combat skills.
                 + In the same area are guards to attack as well to train your combat skills.

In this area also contains 3 altars
Altar of Zaros (Replaces prayers to curses)
Altar of Guthix (Lunar spellbook)
Altar (Ancient spellbook)

(click to show/hide)Fungal rodents infest this holy chapel north of the east bank, train on these pests for a fair amount of combat experience.

If you head farther north, go outside the gates and go east you'll reach the fungal mage's.
These deal a good bit of combat experience.

Once you head outside the north Varrock gates, head west to reach the greater demons. If you continue to go farther west
you'll reach higher level greater demons!

(click to show/hide)Towards the west of the Varrock castle are level 180 Grifolaroos, they deliver great combat experience.
They commonly drop Fist of Guthix tokens!

These Ganodermic runts are also great for training, they are located south of the east varrock bank
They commonly drop Fist of Guthix tokens!

WARNING: Extremely high level training area, located within the Varrock castle. Level 280 Ganodermic beasts fill the castle.
They commonly drop Fist of Guthix tokens!

(click to show/hide)Summoning skill is fully functional, obelisk and Summoning supplies are side by side directly in front of the east bank in Varrock.

(click to show/hide)Range shop

Melee shop

Magic shop

Clothes/Makeover Mage

General Store

Skiller shop

If you talk to Max; located near the east bank in Varrock; he'll offer you a wide variety of
different non-combat skilling areas.

Such as:

* Theiving

* Fishing

* Mining

* Rune Crafting

* Woodcutting

* Gnome Agility

* Smithing

* Construction

* Farming

(click to show/hide)Fist of Guthix is fully functioning. To enter the dungeon, you must talk to Mr Ex, located directly infront of the east
bank in Varrock.

You can collect Fist of Guthix tokens from participating and defeating your opponents.
With enough Fist of Guthix tokens, you'll be able to spend them here!


-Safe pvp
-Clan wars (safe/dangerous)
-Death Match Arena
-Wilderness Pking

-Semi low Rate (Non combat)
-All skills avaliable
-Max cape rewarded when maxed

-Donator skilling zone
-Skilling benefits
-Donator Only Items

Other information:
-Lots of commands for each rank (besides donators)
-Shops replace GE due to the GE bug. But Ge is still in game if wanted.
-Home is Mos Le Harmless.
-Few Custom Items
-Prestige system (sorted shops)
-Custom Clothes Changer
-Custom Clothes Colour Changer
-Full Summoning obelisk
-Auto Voting was removed due to the method. (GTL VOTE)
-Custom emote commands

-GWD (no killcount)
-Tormented Demons
-Evil Chickens
-Steel Kiwi Boss
(Drops havnt been added)
-Ice titans
-Sea Troll Queen

 Please leave suggestions! Thanks for your support!



All of your training areas are questionable. The npcs just don't look right in the locations.


--- Quote from: nolan2131 on August 10, 2014, 01:59:38 AM ---All of your training areas are questionable. The npcs just don't look right in the locations.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for the tip, ill get on fitting NPCs into a more natural environment.


It's java, not javascript


--- Quote from: RandQm on August 25, 2014, 07:06:09 PM ---It's java, not javascript

--- End quote ---

Java and javascript are both the same language, javascript just has scripting in it...duh.

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