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414 - Uhmar - Creating the perfect combination - by Limits

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Welcome to Uhmar 414

Uhmar 414 is, first of all, not a real 414. It is a 317 however I have my own custom highly modified client that practically emulates the game frame and interfaces of the revision.

I began working on this because I couldn't find the one perfect revision, therefore I mashed up components from 414-474.

Based off of Project Insanity...

- 464 Maps
- 474 Items
- 474 Anims/Gfx
- 414 Gameframe/Interfaces
- 474 Npcs

Server Features:


- All bones bury-able
- Every prayer working properly
- Prayer bonus affects prayer drain rate


- Gnome, Brimhaven, and Wilderness, Pyramid, Werewolf courses usable
- Force movement mask
- Correct animations used
- Run energy affected by weight and level


- Correct anims
- Sounds
- Ashes
- All logs lightable
- Colored fires
- Clipped
- Can't light fires in Bank
- Can click logs on the ground and light them


- Stumps and regrowing trees
- Correct hatchet finding
- Correct hatchet animations
- All trees cut-able
- Correct fell chance algorithms
- Birds nest falling out
- Broken axe random event
- Spirit Tree
- Canoes


- Emptying and refilling rocks
- All ores can be mined
- Correct pickaxe finding and animations
- Prospecting
- Random chance of obtaining gems
- Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms
- Mining gems at shilo village
- Mining granite and sandstone (1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg)
- Rock Golem


- All logs can be fletched
- Correct interfaces
- Fletch 5, 10, x, all


- Gem cutting
- Tanning
- Spinning & Picking flax
- Pottery
- Jewelry Molding


- Stall Thieving
- NPC Thieving
- Correct anims & gfx
- Correct Respawn Times


- All fishing spots
- All fishes fishable
- Correct equipment
- Correct animations
- Moving locations


- All fishes cookable
- All meat cookable
- Pizzas, cakes, pies, stews.
- Cooking gauntlets
- Correct anims & delays
- Working interface with multiple amount options
- Lumbridge cooking range bonus
- Eating food
- All foods edible
- Wine


- Altar Enterting
- Tiaras
- All Altars
- Abyss


- All potions makeable
- Identifying herbs
- Weapon poisioning


- All bars smithable
- Smelting
- Correct anims, working interfaces & objects


- All Slayer Masters
- All Slayer Monsters
- Basic Slayer Gem
- Points
- Shop


-Not Started


-Probably not going to happen


-85% Clipped ( Projectiles are clipped, melee is 90% clipped, npcs are clipped, following is clipped)
-Correct Range Formula
-Correct Melee Max hit Formula


-Duel Arena
-Castle Wars
-Fight Caves
-Fight Pits
-Pest Control
-Fishing Trawler
-Gnome Ball
-Bar crawl
-Blast Furnace
-Champion's Challenge
-Chompy hunting
-Games room
-Jungle Clean Up
-Pet Care (You get a pet, feed it, take care of it until it grows, and sell it for rewards at ardougne)
-Rogue Trader
-Rogue's Den
-Splitbark Armour
-Temple Trekking
-Magic Training Arena

Random Events:

-Broken axe random
-Bird Nests
-Sand which Lady
-Rock Golem
-Spirit Tree
-Evil Chicken


-Cook's Assistant
-Romeo and Juliet
-Witch's Potion
-Imp Catcher
-Doric's Quest
-Vampire Slayer
-Restless Ghost
-Gertrude's Pussy
-Sheep Shearer
-Rune Mysteries


-99 % of runescape spawns
-All runescape shops

I still need to fix up a ton of stuff haha

-90 % of runescape foods added
-90 % of all doors around the world (opening and closing)
-90 % potions (A few might be missing)
-Working NPC Drops
-All guilds openable with requirements
-Wilderness warning sign
-Normal and Ancient Magics
-Lunar Magics
-Exact Runescape Teleports (Gives exp, requires runes, requires levels, misc teleport, requires member for ancients and some moderns, and more...)
-Actual RuneScape Starter
-Actual RuneScape Prices
-Adding Quests Exactly like Runescape
-Report Abuse
-Runescape like Sailing with all locations
-Full Gnome Glider Transportation
-Bank Pins
-Christmas Crackers
-Fully Functional Teletabs
-Full Pickables (Cabbage, Flax, Wheat, Onions, Potato, Etc...)
-Full Weapon Poisioning
-Add or Drop Item Function (If you don't have enough room it goes on the ground)
-Chat Filtering System
-Fully Functional 99 % Skill Guides
-Al Kharid Gates and Shantay Pass
-Running with Energy
-Runescape Combat Exp Rates
-Magic Carpet
-Ladder System
-Rings that will be ingame (Dueling, Wealth, Recoil) (Life)
-Amulets that will be ingame (Glory, Games Necklace, Ghostspeak Amulet)
-Clue scrolls (Tons of scrolls loaded)
-Hide Tanning
-Music Player
-Looping animations added (Don't stop half way through)
-Random Events
-Crystal Chest
-Flax Stringing
-Clipped Npcs (Walking, Following) (Attacking)
-Clipped Following
-Full emptying system (Jugs, Vials, Buckets, etc)
- Water Filables added (Buckets, jugs, vials, bowls, waterskins, etc)
- Perfect Magic Enchanting added
- Al Kharid Desert Added
- Great Membership system Countdown/Members/Non members Items
- Teleporting to Zanaris with Dramen staff in Inventory or equipped
- Pets System Added
- Global Drops

Michael P:

Looks like 2006Redone. Good luck tho


--- Quote from: Michael P on June 16, 2014, 04:59:40 PM ---Looks like 2006Redone. Good luck tho

--- End quote ---

I haven't heard of that remake but thanks


ugh i was gonna do a 414 :(

good luck nevertheless


--- Quote from: lare69 on June 16, 2014, 06:14:40 PM ---ugh i was gonna do a 414 :(

good luck nevertheless

--- End quote ---

aw... i feel bad now. You can still do yours and be known as a true 414. The only reason why I didn't do a real 414 was because there were no skill capes and the maps and items were too old :/ good luck on yours man.

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