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    Author Topic: Apocalypse RS | 718 | Survival | Zombies | World-Wide PK'ing  (Read 297 times)

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    The world of Gielinor, as we know it, has come to an end. A multitude of people are dying daily, others are striving to survive inside the mess and chaos.

    It was all started by a group of dark magicians who unleashed a dreadful disease, killing millions and raising the dead from their grave. This, inevitably, began to enter the world into an apocalyptic state.

    There was nothing they could do. After the deed was done, they disappeared and were never to be seen again - possibly killed by their own mistakes.

    The last thing you remember is creatures crawling up from beneath... and then a loud noise followed by a bright light.
    You wake up on the shore, with little supplies and a faint idea of what happened.

    You are one of the last ones remaining alive and breathing. Your objective is to find supplies to survive: water and food, which will help you maintain your good health.

    You are to loot houses, castles, villages and more to gain items such as armor, weapons, food, and anything else that is left in the world for you to find.
    Your best bet? Search the buildings that correspond to the items you are wanting to find.

    Although, you are to watch out for zombies, skeletons, and other undead creatures! They roam around the inner cities, and around the outskirts of areas.

    ... but...

    Monsters are only half your problem. The other half is striving to survive, as well as defending yourself.

    The entire world is now treacherous, you do not know who you can trust entirely! They could kill you at any moment -in an instant- leaving you dead.

    Although, you may restart - at the cost of everything else you own, including your combat stats.

    Are you READY?! Will you be able to survive this hell? Because...
    This is only the Beginning of the End...

    This is...

    Things I have already completed:
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    Things I haven't done, and that I should:
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    Code: [Select]
    We are LIVE for BETA testing.
    Notice: This should go without saying, although I will say it anyways, we are in BETA mode. There will be some bugs/glitches; this is to be expect. Please do NOT hesitate to take notes and inform me of any issues. Thank you!


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