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Argon's Developers
Fuzen Seth (Core & Content)
Deceiver (Website & Content)

Argon is Project Instanity based server using Eliminates v0.7 OSRS build.

Content Added
19.7.2014 Added all OSRS item models.
19.7.2014 Added proper server configuration.
19.7.2014 Player's cannot drop items over 1m without getting a dialogue asking is the player sure.
20.7.2014 Quest tab updates (basically a information tab)
20.7.2014 A lot better combat system + corrected combat timers
21.7.2014 Added item destroying to untradeable items.
22.7.2014 If item is over 1 million gold coins there will be a dialogue asking are you sure you want to drop the item.
23.7.2014 Added almost all OSRS models.
24.7.2014 Skill tab updates
24.7.2014 Started 'Battle Task' system will give info soon about it.
24.7.2014 Combo foods (cooked karambwan and such)
24.7.2014 Added RS prayer training method: Book of binding (vial enchanting)
-Added bonus EXP system.

Item interactions
-Casket looting
-Bones on Altar


Dragonfire shield creation.

Added proper bones to altar.

I've hopped to Ardi straight fixed some bugs and did some fixes at combat and decided to rewrite the whole combat system. Anyways i've added some OSRS models.

Added the Abyssal Tentacle, will be achieved from a minigame.

This message comes up once you're dropping an item over 1 million coins.

Edited the combat system a lot. Converted stuff from hyperion! Also I did many bug fixes today and much more.

I've decided to add the TokHaar-Kal aswell.

Caskets and crystalkeys done.

I've created a skilling task system, this is a prototype though, there will be a NPC giving you tasks and by completing them you receive skilling task points (ST points)

Player has a woodcutting task (needs to cut 125 logs), heres a image of it's process!

Quick chat added. (Credits to demon Scopez for adding rest of skill ids to qc)

Added weapon poisoning too.

Edit: Added RS 474 Appearence. (OSRS)

- Skill tab update -

When you click a skill from skilling tab this dialogue comes up

That's right you can select do you want to quick chat your skill public or view the skilling information menu.
In the following picture I have clicked the quick chat option.

And in the third picture I have clicked the view skilling information menu.

I have decided to add this way since most of PI's have only quick chatting if you click the skill or it opens the skilling infos without menu. I find this way much cleaner than the two other options.

Also i've done a small appearence update; player can select any feet colours that you want to.

Fixed the NPC Dialogue chat heads.

You can now select any cloth colour with any boots. (Player Appearence Update).

Other updates
*Combat timers fixed
*Added new special weapons
*Removed cash giving from skills. (In ardi you receive coins by skilling which is stupid)

Full report abuse. (contains automatic muting system if a player receives enough reports he will be muted, this cannot be abused though)

If a player is trying to drop untradeable item this dialogue comes up.

Heres also start of Argon's event room.

Thread is still badly in progress.


Looks highly generic. Get some unique content, put up some links, and post the XP rate on the Original Thread.


--- Quote from: Elrick on July 24, 2014, 10:39:22 AM ---Looks highly generic. Get some unique content, put up some links, and post the XP rate on the Original Thread.

--- End quote ---

It's not been even one week of the start, the first thing is not to focus on the unique content. I focus on the main stability at the first and fixing much bugs as I can find.
Since Argon is Ardi  based there's loads of bugs to fix and i've already fixed many but I haven't informed that them though since theres way too much bugs and no one would care.
-Saying this with 6 years of RSPS experience. And your reply is kinda spam.


Update - Added Vial Enchanting (RS Prayer training method)
- I have made this method a decent way to train Prayer skill. -

The experience rate for this has been done vial * amount, which makes it decent way to train your prayer.


Replaced the x10 vials to all.

Added player flagging. (after advertising 25 times you will be banned)


Looks a lot better than what I've been seeing at least.


--- Quote from: Soulcist on July 25, 2014, 01:43:33 AM ---Looks a lot better than what I've been seeing at least.

--- End quote ---

Glad to see someone liking it!

OT: - Latest updates of Argon

Made a excellent start of the Nightmare Zone
*Currently includes
-Private map area
-Wave handling
-Points system for Nightmare zone

*In work
-Team creating (takes like 2 minutes to create)
-Game modes
-Points interface, and other NMZ interfaces.

I have also started the Warrior's guild minigame.

Also I added a new way to switch spellbooks.

Nightmare zone updates
31.7.2014 - Added infinity waves (based on random, server constructs itself the npcs you fight to and npc amount).
31.7.2014 - Added overlay interface for Nightmare zone.
31.7.2014 - Interface updating
31.7.2014 - Finished the Nightmare zone.

Fixed up the dfs creation loop times and it has became pretty much perfect. Anyways heres a short video if it.

*31.7.2014 - Plank Make lunar spell
*31.7.2014 - Fixed up player glows.

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