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Hello everyone,

This thread will be used to track the progress of the current server I am developing. I intend to re-write the majority of content in this source as from what I read the current base to most skills and other things is not great. (hopefully I can make some improvements).

DawnTained Client
DawnTained Source
(a big thanks to the creator).

Some Updates:
(click to show/hide) (click to show/hide)With this post, the following updates were added in-game:

These will spawn randomly and when found will grant the player a random reward.

Champions' Challenge:
These will occur randomly, you will receive a voucher to fight one of the many Champions for a reward.

Vouchers have been fixed to give their respective amounts, also they are labeled correctly.
There was a few NPC dialogue problems, these have been resolved.
The PVP target system has been fixed, you will no longer display the incorrect wealth skull.

(click to show/hide)Hello everyone,

Just letting you know the following has been added:

Crystal Key Chest:
You can now exchanged a Crystal key for your chance at gaining some rewards, it will include a guaranteed Dragonstone, and some other loot.

Clue Scrolls:
All of the following are added: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite clues.

Other patches:
The banks have been added right inside Lumbridge Castle.
You can now access a shortcut against the wall of Lumbridge Castle.
Larxus now has a chat option (even without Champion's Scroll).
Conquest Guide added along with some Dialogue.
Random ROUGUE chests added throughout Lumbridge (will be explained more in future update).
(click to show/hide)This thread will be updated continuously throughout the day and will consist of small updates/patches.

Enchanted Crystal Keys are now added in-game, these can be obtained only by the high-tier Champions at the moment but should be adding in sometime soon to other drops.

This key will result in better items from the Crystal key Chest.

(click to show/hide)This update marks the re-introduction of the Dagannoth Kings into the server.

Using the Boss Teleport you can teleport to the Dagannoth Cave and navigate your way to the ladder which leads to the Kings.

With this addition comes the addition of some new NPCs, this includes: Dagannoth Fledgeling, Dagannoth, Giant Rock Crab.
(click to show/hide)This new Boss area can be located in the Lumbridge graveyard by using the ladder found there.

You can enter here and find Disciple of Thurgo (level 67) and Thurgo the Great, to get to Thurgo inside the fire you must defeat his Disciples and randomly when killed they will fill a bucket (must be in inventory) with Blessed water. Once the bucket is filled you can use it to access Thurgo.

(click to show/hide)Under the 'Boss Teleports' section you can now find a new boss, this is Transmute's pet, Jubster.

Jubster is a medium-level boss which uses both Range and Mage combat-styles. His max hit is currently a 15.

While fighting Jubster, if his Hitpoints drop below half Transmute will heal him, this effect is negated if you can get Jubster down to 50 or below Hitpoints. (205 hitpoints total).

Unlike other bosses when defeated Jubster will drop a key which in return grants you access to Transmute's chest. This chest gives you 7 random items when opened.

(click to show/hide)Using the 'Boss Teleport' option you can now navigate to the new Ourg Statue boss, this boss has very high Attack and Defence, and his HP is roughly 215.

This boss is in multi and it is meant for groups or a very high level player.

In other news:

(click to show/hide)Bump, after a break for the beginning of College, Barrows has been re-done and re-introduced!

Another update introduces the Nightmare Zone, where players can fight different Quest NPCs for points to redeem for rewards like:

Herb Box, XP Lamp, Potion Set(s), Bone Set(s), and more.

(click to show/hide)Currently working on minor gamepatches to get the game near ready for beta.

Currently went through all 3 level-tier training areas (low, medium, high) and gave every NPC definitions and drops.

Low-Level Area:
Muggers: Low-level herbs, coins, and coin vouchers.
Ghosts: Low-level herbs, coins.
Chaos Druid: Low-High level herbs.
Rock Crab: Herbs, coins, vouchers.
Hill Giant: Bones, Coins, Runes, Vouchers.
Boss (Kalrag): High-level herbs, coins, vouchers, Crystal Key x2-x3, Enchanted Crystal Key x2-x3.

Medium-Level Area:
Elf Warrior (Melee) - Herbs, coins, Dragon Weaponry.
Elf Warrior (Range) - Herbs, coins, Magic Shortbow, Rune Arrows. Rune Crossbow, Rune Bolts.
Mogre & Jogre: Medium/High-level Herbs.
Otherworldly Being: Rune Arrows, Rune Bolts.
Boss (TBD): Dragon Weaponry, Rune Armour, Black Dragonhide.

High-Level Area:
Menaphite Thug: High-level Herbs, Coins, x2-x3 vouchers.
Meaphite Leader: Drops 'Enchanted Key' which unlocks his chest, player gains up to x4 of any Pyramid Plunder item, which can be sold to the shop located here.

More updates coming soon..

(click to show/hide)More Game Patches:

I've ran through and spawned all the NPCs normally found inside Taverly/Brimhaven Dungeon. They now have Attack, Defence, HP but are awaiting to be given drops.

(click to show/hide)The Ourg Statue has been revisted and his drop table has been reconstructed, he will now drop commons, from the rare drop table, and these as his RARE drops:

MAIN ITEMS: Glavien, Ragefire, and Steadfast boots. SIDE: Dragon Chain MISC: 7 Others

The King-Black Dragon has been revisted and his drop table has been reconstructed, he will now drop commons, from the rare drop table, and these as his RARE drops:

MAIN ITEMS: Draconic Visage. SIDE: 1M coins, 5X 100K Voucher, Uncut Onyx MISC: 7 Others

The Dagannoth Kings have been revisted and their drop table has been reconstructed, he will now drop commons, from the rare drop table, and these as his RARE drops:

MAIN ITEMS: Berserker, Warrior, Seer, and Archer Rings. Dragon Hachet SIDE: Coins, Crystal Keys, Vouchers MISC: 9 Others

Thurgo the Great has been revisted and his drop table has been reconstructed, he will now drop commons, from the rare drop table, and these as his RARE drops:

MAIN ITEMS: Whip Vine, Holy Elixir SIDE: Coins, Crystal Keys, Vouchers MISC: 13 Others

Edit: All bosses now have been revisted.

Current Boss List:
Ourg Statue
King-Black Dragon
Thurgo the Great
Dagannoth Kings
Tormented Demons
Kalphite Queen
General Graa.
Commander Zilyana
K'ril Tsu.
(not a completed list).

With the update to most of the Training, Bossing, Mini-Game, and PKing areas, the server is nearing BETA. The server will be open for beta as soon as I write a Slayer system for it. That will be done here tomorrow or the day following. :)

Will be updated continuously.

Thanks for viewing.


Will be following, as usual :p.

How did you go about making that boss coffer interface?




Great progress dude, but take all of the media out of the Spoiler!

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