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Embattled is private server in development that is, and always will be FREE TO PLAY. It is being created by the creator of Alcazar (2008). It has not yet reached the Beta testing stages yet, but is steadily progressing. Beta testers are currently being recruited. I'm not going to endlessly list the average features Embattled has, because every topic in this section has done that. For example, nobody really care if I've yet to add the dragon scimitar, or added Lumbridge. I am posting only the major and unique updates and future updates.

Characteristics of Embattled:

Free to play all features.
Strong and stable economy, which means wealth gain actually takes time and work.
No hand outs.
No unearned staff positions.
High performance hosting.
No purchasing in-game items, or positions.

How you can contribute?

Optional donations (Contact me).
Support the development by offering encouragement.

Current Development Team:

Embattled (Development Manager/Lead Programmer)
Co-ordinates development and member of the development to ensure progress. In addition, programming of Embattled.

Badger41 (Interface Designer and Implementer)
Designs and implements custom interface into Embattled to allow for the unique features.

The Wanderer (Modeller/Programmer)
Designs and creates models such as objects, items, NPC, and buildings.

Dust R I P (Animator/Programmer)
Designs and creates animations for models. In addition, helps with a mixture of client/server programming.

The Web Guy (Web Developer)
Designs and creates the official Embattled site.

Poopler40 (Modeller)
Designs and creates models such as objects, items, NPC, and buildings.

The Beta Release:
Beta will be released in sections to ensure all the features are thoroughly tested, rather than creating a huge world with all content and features, a lot of glitches will slip through our hands. Most content has been developed, it just won't be all implemented at once. There will be no more than a 1 week gap between versions 1 to 4, however, implementation speed will slow after that. Embattled will be advertised at around Beta Version 10. The versions (and release date) are as follows:

Version 1 - 30/09/12
-Basic functions (trade, walk, basic attack, etc)
-In game Highscore system
-Redesigned looting system
-Classes (warrior, mage, ranger)
-Redesigned Levelling and Point Distribution System
-Tutorial Area and Help Menu
-Learning Spells
-Basic Boundary System
-Limited NPCs

Version 2
-Glitches from Version 1 fixed
-Some new interfaces added
-PVP dueling with staking
-Some new models added

Version 3
-Glitches from previous versions fixed
-Player groups
-Tutorial Area and Help Menu updated
-Instance Dungeons for player groups and individuals
-New models (armours and weapons)
-Shops added
-New interfaces

Version 4
-Glitches from previous versions fixed
-Player Grouping System refined and upgraded
-Random Events
-Account Recovery and Security Methods
-Anti-duplication Systems
-New interfaces

Version 5
-Glitches from previous versions fixed
-Player Achievements
-Allow achievement support in highscores
-Basic Transformation
-Gambling (Slots, PVP/PVC dicing)
-Interfaces added
-Models added
-Add additional instance dungeons

Version 6
-Glitches from previous versions fixed
-Add and replace new interfaces
-Add and replace new models
-Implement quest tracking system
-Add some quests
-Update tutorial area and help menu
-Implement new areas, NPCs and shops

Version 7
-Glitches from previous versions fixed
-Start implementing skills

To be continued....

Please note: The dates of each version release are dependent on how many players are on, and how active they are. Version can only be upgraded once each feature in the version before has been thoroughly tested. Also I am considering starting at Version 3. But we will see how that goes.

Class System:
All 3 combat classes (ranger, warrior, mage), accessible by all players and interchangable in gameplay. Also includes equipment favourites for quick class switches in the middle of combat.

Leveling System
You will have to gain combat experience in your classes, and once you have levelled up a class you will choose to put points on particular combat skills. For example, a warrior can put his attribute points on Accuracy, Power, Resistance, and Defence.

Looting System
Instead of NPCs dropping items on the ground, their dead bodies are left behind for players to loot.

Still waiting on models and interfaces.


Mining is the ability to be able to gather resources, minerals and gems from rock deposits. When rock deposits are depleted, they randomly form another type of ore over time. Types of ore are Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Titanium, Palladium, Silver, Gold. There is only one type of picaxe which degrades over time and needs repair. Ore deposits are located on the ground and on the walls. They will be more spread over the gameplay area, rather than all in the same place. Gems can also be obtained from deposits.

Skinning allows players to loot the carcasses of certain animals (Bears, Rats, Wolves, Birds, Dragons, etc). Skinning requires a knife. If a players' skinning level is not high enough they will not be able to loot the NPC and it will be left for other players to loot. Once an animal is skinned, items for alchemy (Teeth, eyes, hair, claws) and crafting (pelts) will be received.

Allows players to gather herbs and other potion ingredients from plants spread throughout the gameplay area. Some plants will poison the player unless certain precautions are taken.

Gather fish from fishing spots.

Gather varying types of wood from trees.

Use ores to smelt into ingots. Ingots are then used to smith weapons, armour, and jewelery. Smithable armour and weapons include sets of Bronze, Iron, Steel, Titanium and Palladium.

Use pelts and other animal products to craft armour such as Wolf, Bear, Leather. Also craft bows.

Use of an alchemy table to combine ingredients such as herbs and animal loot to create single dose potions.

Cook fish in oven so it can be eaten. Food recovers energy.

Using souls to enchant armour and weapons at an enchanting table. Enchanting gives armour and weapons an added bonus dependent on the type of enchantment.

Quest Tracking System
Track your quests by toggling them to active or not active. When a quest has been toggled as active, the current objective in the quest will be displayed on the screen, including progress. This includes mini-quests in which case it would display, "Kill 20 dragons: 5/20".

Tutorial quest is started.

Tutorial quest is then activated and current objective in quest is displayed up top.

Quest objective is updated in real-time as the player reaches the next step in the quest.

By clicking an active quest again, previous and current steps of the quest will be displayed.

Tutorial Quest is completed and quest tabs indicated no quests. As well as the number of unfound quests.

Menu that displays previously completed quests. Accessed by clicking button in quest tab.

When starting a new quest, this menu will be displayed, giving a description of quest, it's reward. You have the ability to accept or decline the quest.

Once a quest is accepted it is added into the quest tab and the amount of unfound quests decreases. Note: the maximum amount of quests at once to have is 5.

An ability within the thieving skill and is used to unlock doors using lockpicks.

Before the skill is explained, theory behind lockpicking is required. In real-life, a lock on a door has a series pins which all need to be the right height for a door to unlock. Hence why a key is jagged, to rise these pins to their correct heights.

In the game this same system is referenced. On every lock there is 4 pins. Each pins must be set to the correct numerical height. Every failed attempt means a broken picklock, and if any of the heights of the lock are correct, they will glow green. After 5 failed attempts the lock will reset.

Locks are ranged from Easy to Master difficulty. Easy locks have 2 heights, 1 or 0. Medium have 3 heights, 2, 1 , or 0. etc.
If you are a high enough thieving level, easier locks will already have some pins in the correct position to save time.

Account Recovery Pin
An in-game system designed to recover accounts and keep them secure from unwanted people. Upon your first login you will be pro[color=][/color]mpted to set a 4 character code which will be used later for retrieving passwords and preventing hackers.

If your account is ever logged in on an IP address different from your last login or the IP the account was made on, the account will be locked until the player can produce the correct recovery code.

Gambling serves 2 purposes, to entertain bored players, and to balance the economy. Like in real life gambling will have a much higher loss chance than win, however it is all chance. After researching, and even creating a slot machine program, the slot machine feature is ready to be added. Also, the notorious dice among private servers will now be player-vs-player, and the player-vs-computer version will have a variation implemented into the slots as a sub-game to double or nothing the winnings. All too often I have seen servers who have gambling in random places with NPCs shouting and spamming space with their repetitive text. Gambling will just be features in pubs throughout the map, there will be no huge emphasis on it, nor will there be any long term profitting off gambling, due to the payout percentage.

Player-vs-Player Dueling
Nothing original here as of the implementation of dueling. Just like Runescape, 2 players fighting. Variations will be introduced in later updates.

Anti-Duplication and Monitoring System
Specifics will only be revealed to Beta testers, because I'd like to keep general public in the dark about the mechanics of the systems. It's function is to monitor accounts constantly for suspicious behaviour to avoid the advantage of any overlooked bugs or duplications. For example, one of its developed features is tracking what items legitimately go into the game (shops, drops, random events, minigames, etc), counts them, and matches it to the current amount in the game, if the numbers do not match the system will determine which players throw out the balance and lock their account until administrative investigation. The system also tracks trades, drops, etc. This system is still being optimized and locally tested.

The rare ability to morph into an animal for a time to increase various attributes such as run speed, combat statistics, and more.

You can now search specific players and view their skills levels, experience, rank, and overall levels. There is also a top 10 list. I have seen previously Runescape private servers to view the top 10. But never search for individual players (in-game). Individual skill searches still need to be added as well as player achievements.

Boundary System
The Runescape map is vast, and the idea is to keep players in areas only that have been developed. Placing walls everywhere is messy, therefore a system to avoid out of bounds experimentation is needed. This system has areas that players are allowed added into it, which will be updated when a new area is released. If players go outside the area a warning will be sent, if they continue, greater measures will be taken, perhaps death, undecided. Currently however, it is simply mysterious teleportation. An explanation will later be integrated into the storyline.

Players steps outside of intended area and countdown begins.

Countdown continues.

Countdown ends, before teleporting player back to safety.

To increase the players playing Embattled an invite-a-friend system will be added to encourage players to invite new players, and receive rewards. Limitations will be in place.

Achievements will allow players to go deeper into the game play by completing a vast list of challenges of varying difficulty. Rewards for challenged are yet to be decided, possibly challenge points will be awarded, allow purchasing of 2x XP for an hour items. It will also be implemented into the in-game highscores so players can compare.

Random events
Would rather keep specifics of idea to self. Shall be a surprise when Embattled is open.

Learning Spells
Magic will be rewritten. As an alternative to having an exclusive class system, I have decided that all classes are available to everyone, however magic is a hard skill and depends on alot of factors. Spell learning items must be obtained and learnt before a spell can be cast. This item may be a quest reward, drops, etc. This will make magic harder and more interesting. New spells will be implemented into the standard spell book.

Class Special Abilities
Each class has their own spellbook, full of unique special abilities with requirements. For example, a warriors spell book will allow him to cast a range of buffing and melee attacks, where as a mage has access to magic attack from distance and self/player healing. All classes have the ability to use the stat lookup ability which can be cast on any player at any time to display the stats/levels of their other classes. This is to ensure players don't attempt to fight a fellow level 50 warrior, to have him switch to a level 90 mage mid combat. On a side note: For Mages, magic spells are now solely dependent on the staff they are using. If a mage class is unarmed they will cast a minor spell automatically when they attack. If they are using a water staff, they will cast a water spell automatically. So there are no runes, and a mage DOES NOT have access to any melee attacks.

Basic Tutorial
Compulsory tutorial which is part of the main quest must be completed upon creating a new account. You are a thief breaking into a kingdoms armoury, for reasons not yet given. Regardless, the tutorial goes as such. Keep in mind, this is a basic tutorial, not really a unique feature, but I have been asked to keep this updated, and so I shall.

Collect items from supplies crate.

Mine ores.

Smith bronze bar into sword.

Picklock gate.

Fight Giant Rat.

Enter the treasury.

Taken prisoner by powerful wizard, before King intervenes and sends you upon the main quest.

More coming soon...


These are just a few of the features that are/or will be available, and as of yet, not extensively tested.

Beta testers are required. As are developers (refer to top of post).

Feel free to comment.


The lockpicking looks interesting


Awesome, keep updating this.


I thought so. And indeed, I will continue updating this topic. :)


Originality in and RSPS? What is this nonsense! What do you think this is? 2008?

Nah, but seriously, I'm impressed by your ideas.

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