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Arios 498 - [Reliving The Good Times]
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mr extremez:

--- Quote from: mit03 on January 29, 2014, 06:57:30 PM ---- Finished Pest control 100% (disregarding void knight seals & Field rations, which will get added later this week - other than that I do mean 100%)
- Finished system managment ..system which handles system updates, termination, unexpected shutdowns etc.
- Started on redoing communication

--- End quote ---
Nice job! :) Anyways new updates coming soon?
really getting excited.... this needs to be hosted!!!

The last few days have been part of the first private beta of Arios, so i've spent my whole time fixing the bugs our testers have found. There's to much random crap for me to remember what i've done in the last few days.

Some major things I have done:
- Redid the command system once again.
- Redid ground spawning items.
- Added a ground spawn item editor.
- Added destroy item messages to item destroy systsem (credits to dragonkk for message dump)
- Added various Agility shortcuts.
- Added a crap load of new npc definitions.
- Added barbarian force chat during combat.
- Added imp random teleporting.
- Redid count draynors combat.
- Added wine of zamorak taking, the monks will attack you if you use your hands.
- Fixed some thieving bugs related to stunning.
- Added the correct "Stomp" emote.
- Fixed bugs related to Gertrude's Cat.
- Added that rats drop rat tails during witch's potion.

And a hell of a lot more bug fixes that are just tedious...

I'm quite relieved with the amount of work our beta testers have put in to help pin point bugs and point out missing important content in the first set of beta testing. Looking forward to the upcoming tests.
Bumb for the best server ever xd
have been following this from the start ;D
- Added all missing maps, we now have 100% world map.
- Added Saradomin sword special attack
- Started on the RSPSCE (RuneScape Private Server Configuration Editor) which will handle NPC spawns, item, NPC & object configurations, map zones, music zones, ...)

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