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Currently in Alpha Beta! Add skype: TheRuzylo to find out how to join and how it will benefit you!

Updated 12/4/14

Journey to the world of Saradomin, a 317 RSPS that's packed with high quality content, focused around the rise of Saradomin. Our server combines the excitement of intense PVP combat, with flawless skilling and PvE that helps foster our player-driven economy.

We are based on the god wars, and are building a proper lore and quest line based on Runescapes godwars tale and past.

At Saradomin, we strive to deliver unique, distinct, & diverse content that's exclusive to our server. We're constantly trying to improve and expand, and will never stop working to provide our members with content of the highest quality.

If you have been looking for these things, you've found the tip of the spear in RSPS excellence!

(click to show/hide)Chris Ruzylo - Manager - Developer - Owner
Stuart Perera - Developer
Saad - Developer
Misty - Developer
Maria - Lore Writer
Neal - Community Manager
(click to show/hide)12/3 - 12/4
- Updated bitbucket Readme
- get Session Logs
- Fixes for Logging
- Method change (wrong method)
- Log packets
- SessionsHandler Integrated
- Updating remotely
- Added SessionsHandler
- Commands to test cutscenes
- mypos, tele
- Preliminary tests for cutscenes
- Start at 100 hp (1hp bug fix)
- Integration Server, resolved status for report abuse
- Run script
- Integration Server added Server Restart
- Subscriber shop
- Saving Fix
- Cache pushed/Fixed
- Diff Debug line
- Debug line
- More sexy code in IS
- IS Fixes
- Typos in much sexy logic (reporting) (skills saving)
- Much Sexy Logic (reporting) (skills saving)
- IS Fix
- Fixed the server uptime to fit onto the information tab
- Added some new methods
- Redid error messages on login screen
- Added player count and server uptime to the information tab.
- Renamed method207 to addObject
- Fixed NPC and Player chat models
- More IS Fixes
- IS Fixes
- Player.databaseId isn't used for anything, it's just there
- = forum_id
- Report abuse interface fixed

- Lore and quests started in the making

- Misc Fixes to 634 items added
- 634 items added
- Update Report Abuse
- Get User Info
- Integration Server Changes
- Fixed IDK stuff
- Change Appearence edit
- Change appearence packet modified
- Client fixes, IDK fixes, and other stuff
- Removed Debug line
- IntegrationServer Additions for Abuse Reports
- Lots of Client File changes
- Background changed
- Launcher favicon fix
- 634 items and a few fixes
- 667 Data added to the Cache
- Never keep Not Null on primary key

- Misc Fixes
- Wrong ID previously used
- Report player Server sided
- Report Abuse System added -Server Sided
- Added support for the reporting packet (218) and added the Report packet class
- Edited Achievements interface and finished Information tab
- Added dataon command client sided
- Added Interface command server sided
- Launcher Fixes
- Position of login error message
- Configured debug statements in IntegrationServer
- Removed the logout button being highlighted while having quest tab open
- Updated skill level up interfaces
- new client push. (Credits to zion for his client.)

- More fixes
- Re-enabled sidebar interfaces
- changed npc bits
- Changed several packet sizes
- Changed some logging in strings
- RSA keys updated and networking changed
- More player updating edits
- Player updating modifications
- Updated BackupSystem to account for Production environment
- Backup Hour
- Command and announcements changes
- ::Reportbug leads to issue tracking at bitbucket
- Premium Benifts Added and mostly finished
- Packet 90 assigned the silent packet
- Removed debug line and changed npc bits server sided
- Some more changes
- More packet size fixes
- Packet size fix

- GroupChanged Endpoint
- Packet sizes changed
- Fixed loading friends
- Console debug line
- Fix for uploading
- Backup System + flagging system
- PlayerSettings Changes

- PlayerSettings
- Instructions
- Settings
- BackupSystem
- New PlayerSetting system
- Playercount change
- Launcher changes
- Settings changes
- Settings
- Saves total_xp (needed to order hs)
- Some security measures
- Launcher
- User not found fix
- Username not found fix
- Total XP
- HS fix

(We took a break for hollidays)

11-15 - 11/24
- Subscription Check
- Password not case sensitive fix
- Many many misc fixes
- Saving Friends
- Premium changes
- Shop Config.cfg edited online with Bitbucket
- Shop Config.cfg edited online with Bitbucket
- Shop Config.cfg edited online with Bitbucket
- Fixed a parsing error
- Shop/sql
- edited online with Bitbucket
- .classpath created online with Bitbucket
- Client Works
- JSON fixes
- HS endpoints
- Fixed HS endpoint
- edited online with Bitbucket
- edited online with Bitbucket
- edited online with Bitbucket
- edited online with Bitbucket
- Fixed JSON for GET
- Misc Fixes
- Misc Fixes
- Redid GET method
- Integration Server
- Integration Server fix
- Removed skills column from players table
- IntegrationServer Fixes
- Webhost blocked curl requests to all ports except 80 and 443 (https)
- createPlayer fix
- createPlayer changes
- Finished up createPlayer
- edited online with Bitbucket
- Rollback
- Rollback
- edited online with Bitbucket
- Error fixes
- Fixed up IntegrationServer
- Main ant class now sara.Server

9/10 - 11/14
- createPlayer() updated
- Migration Fix
- Migration Fix
- Migration Fix
- Migration Fix
- Migration Fix
- Fixed AFTER error
- Configured PlayerSave and PlayerLoad
- AUTOINCREMENT not needed with primary key
- Fixed up the HS endpoints a bit
- Added Highscores endpoints and methods
- Updated file system
- Fix sql injection vulnerabilities in player saving
- Fixed uncommitted files
- Added /users/checkDonateStatus
- Added put method
- Added basic cache reading
- Add subscriptions table and minor patch work
- Added /users/donated endpoint
- Finish user creation and password change integrations
- Initial database loading and saving of players changes
- Initial database loading and saving of players
- Player and player settings tables
- Some exception catches and try blocks (force-suggested by intelliJ for some reason)
- Another with cache
- Cache Fix. Client works now.
- Unify and make-more-pretty IntegrationHandler in IntegrationServer
- Expand upon Integration server
- Added basic plugin framework
- Minor correction to settings class
- Initial settings commit
- Remove individual environment classes.  They are going to be consolidated into a single general class
- Remove previous config_items migration as it doesn't play well with stock mysql due to field restrictions
- Update parse_items.rb file to account for mysql field restrictions
- Add MySQL connector
- Allow connectors to be specified by a config file in config.json
- Add json library
- Connector should be a superclass instead of an interface to better emphasize WORA (Write once, run anywhere) in subclassed connectors.
- String switches in java 7+ :D
- Initial item config migration
- Remove old database integration
- Allow parsing of variables in migration files with the intent of handling differences in syntax
- More .gitignore changes
- Initial database migration commit. Minor changes elsewhere
- Initial commit of SQLite database adapter
- Fix invalid UTF-8 characters in FamiliarInteraction
- Remove unnecessary System.gc() calls. Add methods to Connector interface.
- More gitignore attributes
- Player Online in logout, destruct and login
- Added player count thread
- Bunch of small things
- Allowed cache version checking/updating
- Add SQLite3 library. Environment argument in server initializer
- Initial environment commit
- Add additional ignores to .gitignore
- Work by pseudo.
- Added everything to bitbucket.
(click to show/hide)Admin Panel for ingame accounts.
Highscores fixed and setup
Vote fixed and setup
Subscription/ setup
Website/server integration
Home page fixes
Report Abuse ingame administrative page added
Rank handling ingame based on forums rank
Forums account creation creates ingame account
Other misc fixes. More to come.
(click to show/hide)Temp Minor Media
More media coming 12/1

(click to show/hide)

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you seriously don't need 3 show offs.


ineteresting. Best of luck!


Project is coming together nicely. We had saad who is doing fantastic work with the server and website (specifically SQL related things) and I have basically got us a new client that is much better than the last one. Then we have Ruzylo who is as useless as ever. :)


--- Quote from: RiiPiiNFtW on December 01, 2014, 02:14:36 PM ---Project is coming together nicely. We had saad who is doing fantastic work with the server and website (specifically SQL related things) and I have basically got us a new client that is much better than the last one. Then we have Ruzylo who is as useless as ever. :)

--- End quote ---

I hope you took my advice. Good luck with it

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