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uncalled for:

Hello everybody, I've added auto-vote to do some testing, but I've got an extremely strange outcome from this...
Below are a few tests I conducted, "Succeed" states that I was able to get to the second stage of voting (meaning that voting was a success) and I'm now inputting my name to receive a reward. "Fail" states that I got the "Please vote on all sites" error, when I have voted on all sites. I am using the GTL Vote system.
So here is my very weird problem:

Test 1:
Sites: Gaming-toplist - SUCCESS

Test 2:
Sites: Gaming-topist + R0neLocus - SUCCESS

Test 3:
Sites: Gaming-toplist + R0neLocus + Rune-server - SUCCESS

Test 4:
Sites: Gaming-toplist + R0neLocus + Rune-toplist - FAIL

Test 5:
Sites: Gaming-toplist + Rune-server + Rune-toplist SUCCESS

Test 6:
Sites: Gaming-toplist + Rune-toplist SUCCESS

Test 7:
Sites: Gaming-toplist + Rune-server SUCCESS

It seems that for some reason test 4 fails, but when I test the sites separately they succeed? Any ideas..? I've never encountered this before, and I've set up auto-vote numerous times. I've double checked the callback links, and everything works perfectly, so long that Gaming-toplist + R0neLocus + Rune-toplist aren't all together.

Any help is appreciated.


It could easily be the system you are using and where you are placing the callbacks.
If you're using GTL, that's exactly it.

They made it so you were to put a specific site in the first 3 boxes, and the custom ones in the rest.

uncalled for:

I have them in this order, which is the order they specified.


Could be the fact that you're using in place of I noticed that once runetoplist was gone, my vote system stopped working too.


Like I said, the system they made is for specific websites.
rsps-list has a different callback than RuneTopList does, and therefore it won't work properly.

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