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    Author Topic: How to make a Runescape Private Server ( Very easy )  (Read 23833 times)

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    How to make a Runescape Private Server ( Very easy )
    « on: April 15, 2012, 05:42:01 PM »
    Ok guy's so I've been seeing allot of people on mopar asking stupid question's like "How do i get my server online?" or "How do i get a no-ip?" and the answers to all this is extremely easy but yet there still confused...... So I'm just going to make a very well explained guide on how to put a server online.

    What You Will Need (I will tell you how to get them below)
    1. JDK- I recommend you get the latest version of JDK, And what JDK allows you to do is simply run your server, compile it, and all around you WILL need it here is a site you can get JDK from- http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html  Choose the latest version of  the JDK download's.

    2. A No-IP, Ok so you will need to have a no-ip, which is a fake ip you will use to host your server, some people ask why not just use my ip??, Well if you use your IP it puts you in risk of being hacked because it is extremely easy to get hacked just giving your IP out, Ok get you No-ip from here- ;  , You will have to make a account on there then go to make a domain, make a free domain and that is your IP. Ok after you make your domain download the No-ip GUC, Once you do this open up what you just downloaded, log into your account go to select a domain then choose your's.

    3. Portfowarding- Ok so you need to portfoward a port to give your server the recommended port is 43594, or some people use 5555 if you are using a direct internet source you DO NOT need to portfoward, ok so go look at your router and see what kind it is, then go to- https://portforward.com/error.cgi_forwarding/routerindex.htm , Ok so once you go there select your router type, then to find the model go to your router and look under it and look for the model of your router.

    4. Getting a source- Ok so there is a lot of source's you can choose from there's also different kind's, there's PI, Delta's and more but I would only choose one to learn at a time. The best place to get source's is here in the forum under server download's. Make sure you DO NOT leech, and if you ignore me and choose to leech please give the owner of the source credit. Ok after you get your source and client (Most source's come with a client) Go to your client and go up to the search bar in your client file's. Search for client.java, open that file and then hit Ctrl+F and type in server = There will be a IP in there most likely, or, Erase that and put the fake IP you made. Usually there is more than one IP in the file so after you change that out go back to Ctrl+F then server = to see if there is any more and do that until it says there isint anything matching that search. You MUST compile the client after you do this, if the compiler dosent work then right click it hit edit and where it says the JDK version in the notepad change it to your version of JDK which you should know because you just downloaded it.

    Ok so you are almost done, after you do all this you need to change the name of your client which I just search for in the client folder. Now you can do any coding you want to do to the server to make it your own I strongly recommend that you do that as to not leech. Then you need to open your source and hit run and your server is now online! You can upload the client and put your server on mopar using the fake IP as your IP. Then your server is online and out to the public!!!

    I hope you guy's liked my extremely easy guide on how to make a Runescape Private Server. 
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    what the fudge is this shit


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    Re: How to make a Runescape Private Server ( Very easy )
    « Reply #2 on: April 16, 2012, 10:43:40 PM »
    Thanks but this has already been posted about 9001 times.  ;)
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