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    Author Topic: Updates on Moparscape 02/06/17  (Read 3668 times)

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    Updates on Moparscape 02/06/17
    « on: June 02, 2017, 01:19:53 PM »
    Hi folks,

    Some new updates:

    - New donator zone.
    - New skilling zone.
    - Herblore shop works now.
    - Zulrah reworked.
    - Godwars safespots fixed.
    - The Void Knight Mace should no longer give a 13 additional damage when wearing void
    - Some fixes with antipoison and antivenom.
    - Fixed issues with dialogues where it will sometimes ask to teleport you.
    - Fixed Issues with these Items w/Wielding Reqs.
    - Fixed Animations for the following Spells These include: Bind, Snare, Entangle, Confuse, Weaken, Curse, Vulnerability, Enfeeble, Stun, and all Wave spells.
    - Fire Wave Fixes it so you can now cast fire wave.
    - Overload effects no longer work in the wilderness.
    - Fixed abyssal dagger spec so if it hits a zero both hits are zero.
    - Special attacks now actually increase damage against NPC's.
    - Fixing the herb-store not opening and decanting potions including noted potions.
    - Imbue Rings Fixed the problem with tyrannical and treasounous rings mixed up.
    - Toxic Staff of the Dead Bug Made it to where you can uncharge it.
    - Toxic staff of the dead (Uncharged) can now be dismantled and the magic fang and staff of the dead is retrieved.
    - Venom will now go away on death.
    - When a player is wearing a trimmed or untrimmed cooking cape whatever they are cooking will never burn.
    - You can now achieve Max cape now without needing construction or hunter.
    - Proper Formula for Sanfew/Super Restore/Prayer Implemented(edited).
    - Bronze Dragon no longer drops Dragonic Visage.
    - You can now use poisoned dragon spear specials.
    - Vengeance, chilvary and piety now take in consideration your defence lvl instead of current defence lvl.
    - Fish is now percentage based instead of cycle based like it should be. In average the amount of fishes cached is still the same.
    - You can no longer fish while bank spamming.
    - If You are wearing a "Charged" Serp helm you are immune to both venom and poision.
    - Players using combat spells when wielding the "Toxic Staff of the dead" have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on their opponent.
    - Toxic Staff of the dead - When a combat spell is cast with the staff, there is a 1/8 (12.5%) chance that the staff will negate the rune cost for that spell.
    - Trident of the Swamp - Has 25% chance to inflict venom on an opponent.
    - Added Wishing well. Basically, throw money into edgeville well to boost whole server xp by 50%.
    - Quest tab now shows xp bonus such as wishing well and xp weekend when enabled.
    - ItemOnObject interaction is now better and you can now interact with objects such as the well in edgeville.

    There will come more updates this week so come play and try-out the new features.


    Kind regards,

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    06/02/17 - Biggest Moparscape Update, New boss and so much more
    « Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 03:06:18 AM »
    Ok, so this took Furious a long time to release this update. Was a long few months, but we finally got it. Thanks to Blake2 who's our current developer who recently came back 2 months ago!

    Ok let us begin, people wanted the Herblore Store fixed, so we have it back working again!

    Thats an amazing news right? But what about our new Donator Zone location?!

    What about completely redoing the Zulrah boss to fit your needs for a challenge?!

    Added Wishing Well. Basically, throw money into Edgeville well to boost whole server XP by 50%. Quest Tab now shows XP bonus such as Wishing Well and XP Weekend when enabled.

    Nieve's Slayer Cave is now finished and all objects work, and addition to that you need a slayer task of the NPC you attempt to attack to be able to attack it here. Still needs the NPC's spawned. Talk to Nieve to get here!

    Want to skill peacefully with less players? Checkout the New Skilling Area!

    Now for bugs we fixed and content we added:
    -If an opponent attacks a player with the Serpentine Helmet equipped, there is a 1
    in 6 chance (16.7%) the opponent will be inflicted with venom, providing
    that they are not immune to poison.
    -Fire Wave fixed so you can now cast Fire Wave.
    -You can now achieve Max Cape now without needing Construction or Hunter.
    -Bronze Dragon no longer drops Dragonic Visage.
    -Amulet of Glory, Karamaja teleport option now teleports there rather than Edgeville.
    -If you are wearing a "Charged" Serpentine Helmet you are immune to both venom and poison.
    -You can no longer ::bank while fighting Zulrah.
    -Armadyl Godsword spec no longer has extra accuracy.
    -Bandos Godsword spec no longer has extra accuracy and drains 65% of special bar instead of 100%.
    -Saradomin Godsword now increases damage by 10% and has 200% accuracy boost instead of 125%.
    -Saradomin Godsword spec also now heals 50% of damage instead of 100% and restores prayer by 25% of damage dealt.
    -Zamorak Godsword now deals 110% damage, and has no longer an accuracy boost. Also it now freezes for 20 seconds instead of 17 and only freezes if dealt damage is higher than zero.
    -Abyssal Tentacle special no longer has extra accuracy and now binds for 5 seconds instead of 3, and also has 25% chance poisoning starting at 4 damage.
    -Dragon Mace now increases damage by 50% instead of 35% and has 125% accuracy instead of 400%.
    -Dragon Longsword now increases damage by 15% instead of 20% and no longer has an accuracy boost.
    -Trident of the Swamp has 25% chance to inflict venom on an opponent.
    -Players using combat spells when wielding the "Toxic Staff of the Dead" have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on their opponent.
    -Firemaking is now faster after first log assuming you don't take too long to start making next fire.
    -Amulet of the Damned operating option no longer crashes player.
    -Saradomin Strike reduce the opponent's prayer by 1 on each hit.
    -Claws of Guthix  reduce the opponent's defense level by 5%.
    -Flames of Zamorak reduce the opponent's magic level by 5%.
    -When a player is wearing a trimmed or untrimmed Cooking Skillcape, whatever they are cooking will never burn.
    -You can no longer safespot God Bosses.
    -Disabled Portal at Duel Arena.

    Tons more updates happened behind the scenes and tons more to come!

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    Mopar's In-Game Moderator - 4/19/2017
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