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ITT: Dicklord makes sense

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<z> it was kinda funny but it hurt a lot
<z> i got up
<z> and i fell right over
<z> hit the floor
<z> knocked myself out
<lawl> ya i think u have a mental condition bro..
<lawl> l0l
<dicklord> l0l like mine

<dicklord> z: the word in vacuous -- vacuum was:   vacuousness
<dicklord> The game was cancelled after 13 tries. Scores for this game would have been:    lawl: 82 (11 tries); z: 14 (2 tries)
<z> i win
<lawl> l0l
<lawl> wow
<Svitkona`> ?
<Svitkona`> not a word
<Svitkona`> man
<lawl> sdf?
<Svitkona`> someone should tell dicklord to fudge off with all these face words
<lawl> i think my dinner is coming
<lawl> fuk im so hungry omgogm
<Svitkona`> s/ac/ak/
<dicklord> Svitkona` meant: "someone should tell dicklord to fudge off with all these fake words"
<lawl> its a word u egyptian slugface
<lawl> dicklord az
<dicklord> lawl: let me think ...
<dicklord> lawl: got it!
<dicklord> lawl: A-Z: abacus -- zuni
<z> dicklord: fudge off with all the fake words
<lawl> vacuousness
<dicklord> lawl: close, but no cigar. New range: abacus -- vacuousness
<dicklord> the fake FAKE fakefakefakefakefake


--- Quote from: zachera on May 30, 2012, 10:19:21 PM ---<dicklord> why did dicklord get a JOB at google

--- End quote ---
So, why did he :confused: :confused: :confused:

<dicklord> he's worse than frell ever was

<Mopman> fudgeing brostep today it seems
<dicklord> your insults mean nothing right

<Speed> dicklord: chat about Mopman outside
<dicklord> Speed: lol look its Mopman outside omg

<dicklord> lawl: the word in machete -- machinate was:   machiavellianism

<dicklord> new french president shouted "I am currentyly using Tor becuz feds are watching me fap


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