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MoparScape 3.2 w/ Aryan
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when i spawn a dharock thingo or nething it just goes freeze....everything else is fine i mean i can get 30 dharocks but its when i attack it that is freezes i can get items and i can kill npcs that i didnt spawn but i want to fite harocks it possible for like a main serve that we could all go on so it is like rs but funner...just a this thingo
is there anyway to get full dragon for ure server ;D
Posted at: August 02, 2006, 07:03:51 AMwat is the spwan for dharoks thing
Dharoks helm" type="4717" description="It's a Dharoks helm." />
- <item members="true" name="Dharoks greataxe" type="4718" description="Dharok the Wretched's greataxe.">
  <item members="true" name="Dharoks greataxe" type="4719" description="It's a Dharoks greataxe." />
- <item members="true" name="Dharoks platebody" type="4720" description="Dharok the Wretched's plate body armour.">
  <item members="true" name="Dharoks platebody" type="4721" description="It's a Dharoks platebody." />
- <item members="true" name="Dharoks platelegs" type="4722" description="Dharok the Wretched's plate leg armour.">
  <item members="true" name="Dharoks platelegs" type="4723" description="It's a Dharoks platelegs." />

Posted at: August 02, 2006, 07:10:18 AMthats the dharocks thing spawn items but for the actual dude (sorry for duble postage) it is ::npc 2026
Please make a version without bleeped out words, and that bug that kills your client if you type a single character. for example: ., ?, !, 9, c, n, f, 3, 2, z, etc.
I decided to try it out and I got it working!
Posted at: August 02, 2006, 09:28:28 AMhow am i supposed to play on my favorite clients with this? I dont know how to connect to them! I really like narutoscape but I odnt know how to connect to it.
Posted at: August 02, 2006, 09:30:54 AMO and for all the people who keep saying the download link keeps offering me v2.1...... if you had read most of the introduction mopar made maybe you would know what to do about it.
Posted at: August 02, 2006, 09:44:08 AMYes! I figured out how to get on a different server! Go to the logoin part type in the usenrame and password of the account you use on that server, press F1 type in the server ip, press ok, and login.
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