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MoparScape 3.2 w/ Aryan

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m0p4r s000 0wns:
THIS IS GREATS THANK YOU :D :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

i want tho play moparscape but i have 1 big problem when i click "moparscape.jar" everething is fine but when i click start server they say "the server has not started in order tho run the server from this button you must start moparscape using the batch file" ok i now click "runmoparscape.bat" they say "press a button to continue" i do that stuff but the screen dissapears . plz help !!!

wont let me run the program this is what it says nodeferror or somthing like that i need help

Dr Mac:
Well first You Need Hamachi go to and Search Hamachi and when you get it download it and then you have to type somthing in so you can go on with other people, my bro lied and said it crashed and stuff so i deleted it but when i download hamachi it never works it keeps redownloading it like when i try and run it it wont work.. but oh well im trying to look for a new one My Name Was Dr mac i was 119 it was fun while it lasted but hey eventully somthing will die.. so all you people trying to download mopar good luck..!! MOPAR ROCKED WHILE IT LASTED WHEN I PLAYED

i am perry:
can someone help me please i want to play with other people in the there server i hate being alone!!!!!!!!! help! :confused:


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