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    Author Topic: Re: In-Game Rules  (Read 1176 times)

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    OfflineL V

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    Re: In-Game Rules
    « Reply #20 on: April 19, 2017, 10:00:55 AM »
    Hi Staff Members,
    Hope you're all doing well.  I've posted a couple times in the appeal section now regards to my ban (I asked out loud to buy OSRS to simply see how much people offered out of curiosity - since i don't even actually play OSRS) and next thing you know I was IP banned.  I understand I was in the wrong (I also had no clue it was banneable since i thought it didn't affect the server).  Secondly, I've invested alot of time in this game and love to play it - would have never jeopardized 3 accounts with 30k+ minutes.  If i knew it was bannable i would have done it in a more discrete way hence why i thought I'd be warned about the ban/IP ban.  Anyways, I'm simply asking for a second chance. 

    Kind regards,
    L V/ I eat ass/ Ass eat I  (yes those are my 3 accounts :/ lol)
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    Re: In-Game Rules
    « Reply #21 on: April 29, 2017, 06:32:33 AM »
    Good day,

    Today while doing a slayer task and helping someone through private message and yell, i wasnt paying attention. i died at red dragons and lost a few items.

    i instantly messaged a Stitch R6 to ask if he could teleport me there, he said he couldnt.. but he was willing to taxi me to that place, i accepted the offer.

    When we arrived at the Red Dragons area, i could see my stuff on ground, Stitch R6 did not see anything, he suggested me to make a printscreen. because i couldnt pick it up, somehow. after a few print screens i tried to relog.. and i did.. the stuff on the ground were gone, i had nothing in bank nor inventory.

    The printscreens u can see here:

    I hope i can get a refund, since i was there on time.. but couldnt pick up the items.. somehow.


    24th february, 2 months.. not a single answer and not even my fault. everyone who i contact from the staff they tell me to wait till there comes an update. what kind of bullshit is that? like the game did not get any update so far =/ ?

    according to the rules i should get a refund.. and it should not take this long.. (probably longer)..
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    Re: In-Game Rules
    « Reply #22 on: May 06, 2017, 02:05:16 PM »
    jody I got muted again for no reason name Young O Punshier Z he muted me for no reason the rule says NO REASON
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