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It's a pretty straight to the point website that advertises what you're doing, how you're going to do it, and what your outcome plans to be. I will say though, as far as your portfolio selects, how about add some example work in the pages? I can see the small images you have before clicking on the links but they're too small to notice any work that might advertise the company more and so on.


Tidy design, isn't responsive but I'm sure you're getting there - happy to help with any of this stuff too.

I'd say you've got a lot of text on your home page. The "Website Design" section I think is a good opportunity to cut out some of that text in place of some kind of graphic or interactivity explaining your work process i.e:

"The process of us creating a website is painless and simple. We'll have a meeting where we discuss your requirements for the site, you give us any content that you want on the site, and then we get to work creating it whilst keeping you in the loop every single step of the way."

This text could be turned into an infographic or a flow diagram to show the steps you take in a neat "cool designy" way - that would mean quicker information to the reader and less big blocks of text, which can bore the user! With the portfolio section right below, you could then ditch the "If you're interested in seeing ... please feel free to take a look at our portfolio below." paragraph as it's right there below.

I like the "You?" portfolio item hehe :p

You're missing section indicators - If I'm stupid how do I know I'm on the about section? Or how do I know I'm on the web design section? Maybe you could bold the navigation menu text when a user clicks or scrolls to this position. It's generally good practice to indicate where the user is currently situated on the site.

I like the site so far, will be keeping an eye on it :)


Interestingly I've probably spent between 3 and 5 hours working on a gif to show the development process but I can't get one that looks natural enough yet :(

Thanks for all the feedback though, I'll definitely be taking it into account.


A flow chart is a very popular and I think a very helpful way to display a visual representation of a step-by-step process, these links below have some images, they are a bit ugly though, I'm failing to find a good looking example right now :( Maybe you could have a bit of fun with your own if you decided to.

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